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Designer cushions and cushion covers online

Cozy, crazy, or casual - Freedom Tree's woven, velvet, and printed cushions are perfect for your home's aesthetic and mood. Explore a wide variety of these contemporary chic cushion covers & cushions for your sofa, armchair, bed, or floor. Designed at our homegrown color design studio and made with love in India, we have the perfect floor cushions to complement your living room rugs and accent cushion covers for your sofas & chairs in all sizes. And, stunning pillow covers and cushion covers to complement your modern bedroom furniture. Handpick your favorite designer cushions covers online, delivered across India in a safe & hygienic manner.

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What’s the easiest way to add a pop of personality to your room, sofa, or bed? Why, cushions of course. Although cushions are soft and well - cushy- they’re not all fluff! Decorative cushions, printed cushions and floor cushions bring a lot to the table, by adding comfort and visual interest. The best part is, cushions can be effortlessly moved around - from the couch to the ottoman, the bed to an armchair, or the living room to the balcony. When it comes to your home decor, nothing is more fun than a periodic game of mix and match with the printed cushions and accent cushions. By mixing and matching different throw pillows and cushion styles and prints, you can instantly elevate the drama of the room and keep the senses engaged.

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Depending on the palette of your room, a set of accent cushions can tie the space together. Iif drama is what you seek, liven up the ambiance with bright bursts of color and cushions of varying sizes and shapes. Depending on how you want your room to feel, our curated cushion and decorative pillow ensembles can help you find the right style for you. And the true beauty of Freedom Tree cushions and throw pillows lies in their uniqueness. Each of them has a story to tell. The accent cushions and floor cushions come in stand out prints, colors and combinations. Some are elevated by embroidery, but all of them burst with joy!

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By browsing through our cushions and throw pillows online and letting our catalog transport you to designer spaces, you can explore India’s finest range of designer cushions for your contemporary home & modern office. Shopping online is easy & safe, and our items are safely delivered across India for free. With zero hidden costs, all our prices are inclusive of taxes & shipping charges.

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