Imaginarium Collection

The Artist’s Inspiration: Shifted Perspectives

We take inspiration from the Artist, the Intellectual, whose ability to see things differently inspires us and our society forward. An artist is prescient. Always working on the fringes of the zeitgeist, they seek to call out and inform on the state of society. On beauty that is to be discovered or darkness that looms. They unwittingly connect us with past traditions and an otherworldly element.

The designers at Freedom Tree have journeyed with the Artist into the dreamscape to create Imaginarium, a collection filled with new creative possibilities for the home. Here, lies a juxtaposition of old and new with unexpected contrasts in form, texture, and print. When we shift our perspective, we let the moments of surprise and delight joyfully unfold.

Our moodboard for the collection and our textile inspiration. We saw new possibilities as we literally shifted our perspective.

This collection is a creation that invokes curiosity and forces us to look, to question the nature of ‘reality’, and the reality of nature. Each piece in this collection, be it upholstery, votives, cushions, or furniture, shift our vantage point. They either play with scale, context or mood. Our imagination is roaring to be set loose… but will you let it?

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Through the Looking Glass

We step through the looking glass with whimsical decor and figurines. The half-hewn forms of the Indus Bull and Indus Ram evoke a primitive and fleeting style. Fluted glass vases and votives with tinges of lavender heighten the distortion and sensation of new possibilities. 

The Fluted Vase is ideal for a coffee or side table, it will beautifully enhance your favorite flower and plant arrangements. The tactile, ribbed surface of our Pink Fluted Vase (which can also be used as votives) is brought to life with a vivid splash of color, hand dipped to achieve its unique color gradient.

Narrative Windows into the Imagination

Our textiles are a narrative window into our dreams. This season, we’re showcasing possibilities and stories. The modern miniature style of illustration brings a contemporary flair to a traditional art form. Heighten the joy and warmth this festive season with bold, bright, and narrative textiles in your living room. 

Modernature : Fractal Furniture Frozen in Movement

Can you imagine a confluence of signature Freedom Tree prints on modern, colorful furniture? Well, no need to overwork your mind’s eye - here they are! Frozen in movement, these inlay designs display fractal patterns inspired by the closest zoom into nature. A trippy contemporary tessellation artfully rendered by master craftsmen of a traditional inlay style. 

Our Shifting Sands Coffee Table, like the sands of time, will never go out of style. The monochrome inlay pattern sinuously swirls all over beautiful natural mango wood, making it stand out from a sea of mundane coffee tables.

And just behold our Palash Inlay Table. The desk of your dreams is here! The Palash inlay table is the perfect desk to spark your creativity. Its sage coloring and patterned geometric inlay takes it beyond a traditional study table to a stunning focal point. Coming with three comfortably-sized drawers for storage, it’s the perfect spot to write the next Pulitzer winner, tick off that to-do list, or even just stand pretty.

Of course, if you are inlay lover, the piece that will really entice you is our Inlay Kiwatch Table. Colored in black, white, and aqua, it’s the bold centerpiece your living room needs - the epitome of artistic and decorative expression with a geometric inlay pattern that will draw all eyes.

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Modern Folk: Free and Festive Living

As the warm and inviting festival season approaches, tired homes could use a sparkling refresh. Bring in the jewel tones of rich purples, greens and pinks that enrich the Imaginarium collection. Cushions such as Kabini, Kadamba, Every Way is Up, along with plush velvets, can be paired together to create a ‘fireworks in the forest’ tableau that will enhance every festive get-together and card party. Don’t miss our new tweed upholsteries: Fireside Tweed (pictured) and Lavender Fields Tweed to bring a variegated textural warmth to the space. 

Our Mindscape Hero Print in Neu Neutral anchors a warm yet bright festive look for casual entertaining. This toile is filled with all the things that make up a fantastical forest. Don’t miss our new seating pads for a quick floor squat or making a chair or bench just a bit more plushy. Whimsy abounds, and revelry is afoot!

Golden Sands, a folksy sesame-colored woven striper, sits handsomely on the modern Marina Sofa. Bright decorative cushions like Feeling Freedom, Moon River, and Patchwork Forest coupled with breezy curtains complete the airy look.

Nostalgic of a lithograph style, our Free Falling print combines the old and the new in an effortlessly charming manner. Set against a night sky ground in upholstery and in white on white khadi on sheer curtains, the design brings whimsy to the everyday. If the infinite sky is what you seek, freefall into this artistic dream!

A Quiet Repose Under a Starry Night 

Inspired by your quiet day-dreams, our modernist print Starry Night is rendered in a style reminiscent of Matisse and Gauguin. Starry Night, along with the Shifting Sands and Kadamba cushions take you to a quiet repose amidst the hecticness of a social season.

Our breezy summer print Divi Divi appears on a plush rose velvet upholstery and cushions, as well as a printed rug.

Don’t miss the Starry Night print on cushions, lighting, and even serving trays. Seen here paired with the subtly foil-printed Flight of Dawn curtains. 

Shared Table: Free Spirited Entertaining

This season brings an eclectic series of gatherings and for that we load up on unique and remarkable accessories that can live with us everyday. Printed and hand painted serveware and plates, colored bowls and hand-blown glassware. Let the laughter and joy sparkle with its own light - our glasses are truly only half-full!

Warm Lights, Fresh Scents

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This season brings an eclectic series of gatherings and for that we load up on unique and remarkable accessories that can live with us everyday. Printed and hand painted serveware and plates, colored bowls and hand-blown glassware. Let the laughter and joy sparkle with its own light - our glasses are truly only half-full!

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Handsome lighting also arrives to illuminate the home. Discover floor lamps crafted from solid wood in modern and neu primitif styles, and generously shaped table lamps for your living room or entry areas. Don’t miss our colorful printed and solid lampshades that pair with each base in artful and surprising ways. 

And for a final flourish, something new is wafting through the air! The final finishing touch, a scented candle to freshen the space and transport your visitors as they walk in the door. It also makes for an ideal gift - an intimate touch to be part of your recipient’s home everyday. This is the season for giving our love and affection, after all!

So, let our Imaginarium collection transport you. Let whimsy take over and allow the joy of the festive season, resound through your home. It’s all sparkle and celebrations from here on out. 

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