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Social Plants: Reading List
Plants have inspired, healed, and intoxicated us since before the dawn of civilization. They have moved hearts and empires, inspired songs and movements. Some of our favorite writing about plants and flowers has found an expression in our Spring-Summer 2024 collection, Plant Life, a print opus on the beauty and healing power of plants.
Meet The Prints SS '24
Each of the hero prints we’ve developed for our Spring-Summer 2024 collection are a celebration of particularly beautiful flowering plants that also hold a deep cultural familiarity in everyday use as healing and rejuvenating ingredients.
Memories Of The Garden
Our Founder and Design Director, Latika Khosla, shares her personal memories of growing up. Discovering nature, rituals, and varieties around PLANT LIFE, and how this inspires our design opus for the year.
Purposeful Design
The design sensibility at Freedom Tree is a concept. A manifesto for happiness and courage to be yourself. The brand’s opus is synonymous with fresh colors and bold prints. These traverse from the designer’s drafting sheets onto fabric, furniture, apparel, ceramic dinnerware and into cupboards full of curiosities.
Designer Women Clothing
Mansara: Rugs
Printed rugs for the season are in radiant colors. Its like walking on sunshine.
Mansara: Light & Gradation
A mathematically, cosmically, and architecturally inspired design collection for the home.
Crafted Furniture & Decor
A Modern Maker's Ode to Nature. Capture that feeling of joy, as you imagine looking down at a canopy of trees amidst the birds in the sky.
Free Spirited Gifting
An idea, a wish, a gift for all the personas in your life. Giving something special that can be enjoyed today and treasured forever.
Craft Garden Textiles 
Mansara: Sacred Geometry
As we enter a new Festive period, `we seek out connection to our past, present, and those around us. With our Fall collection Mansara, we pay homage to the sacred geometries of our universe: a mathematically, cosmically, and architecturally inspired design collection for the home. 
Coastal Living

Coastal Living- a calm retreat to make your own. Coastal Blues on the Veranda Light and airy weaves, framed in elegant metal and wood structures. Your indoor hammock.

Solaire Launch
The monsoons hold a special place in our hearts. Every year, the season turns subtly and quietly at first, then with a thunderous arrival. The pre-monsoon rains bring a change in the air, the first pitter patter of rain lifts the fragrance of the parched earth – that instantly recognizable “petrichor” of soft clay and urban grime.  
Fiercely Feminine Womenswear
Bright and Bold Colors from your favorite prints at Freedom Tree Home. Translated to a Brave and Beautiful collection of relaxed and fresh clothing for the woman on the move.