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Magic of our Scented Candles & Elegant Votives

Setting the mood is super easy now with our fresh range of Scented Candles and Votive, brought to you by Freedom Tree Design Studio. Choose from an intense collection of scents to compliment your Home Decor or Cafe/Restaurant Mood. Enhance it further with our smoked & ribbed Votives paired perfectly with our Glass Votive Candles in various styles, designs, and colors.

Candles and fragrances

Fill your home with inviting scents or add a decorative touch to tabletops and bookshelves. Our range of diffusers and candles, allow you to select from several options when outfitting your home with these accents. Adding a diffuser to a console table in your foyer allows guests to enjoy the scent as soon as they walk through the front door. Placing a scented candle on the nightstand creates a cosy and relaxing retreat. Please the olfactory senses with fresh scents like mogra, desert rose, ginger, lily, and many more.

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