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We’re coming together at Serendipity Art Festival


About the Event



15 to 23 DECEMBER 2023

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Freedom Tree is partnering with SAF on some special spaces for creators and dreamers during the Festival. We present, Artistease - an artistic and sensory experience of space and design. An ode to the creator, the moment of artistic conception.

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Freedom Tree is a Color Strategy and Space Design Studio based out of the gritty industrial heart of Mumbai. Our trends consulting practice has expanded into a bold & beautiful home and lifestyle design brand with 8 home stores across India and a Global online presence. All our collections are designed in-house by our seasoned design team and the products are 100% Made in India by skilled artisans. The work of many hearts, hands, and heads, we are a thumbprint against standardization.

Scent & Sensibility

This year the SAF festival celebrates human linkages and our connection to all forms of creative activity. There is plenty to experience at Serendipity Arts Festival, from thought-provoking exhibitions and talks to memorable performances and workshops. #ComeTogether at SAF and meet Freedom Tree!

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Come say hi to us at Old GMC where a sensory experience of optimism awaits you. A creative confluence of two senses. The visual and olfactory.

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Much like the fabric of the seas and skies, the blue touches everything. We have arrived with a palette of calm balm for home spaces with tranquil blues. We talk and feel Blue Nomad, when away and home travel together. Create a serene ambiance with soothing hues and delicate details. Unfold our capsule winter collection that allows you to pick & choose from the ephemeral to the exotic.

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