A New Light Shines

Give a New Look to Your Lamp by Replacing Your Lampshades

As our homes turn into multifunctional spaces, softer accent lighting helps divide each room into different areas to accommodate all its needs. With bedrooms, living rooms, and dining areas housing a variety of shared activities, now is the perfect time to replace your shades or integrate lamps into your space.The right lampshade
can make a room look better and more interesting because it contributes to the evolving look and feel of your space throughout the day. When your lamp is illuminated, your lampshade can determine the mood of the room through the colour it reflects and what areas and objects it highlights. 

When not in use, the design of your lampshade is a great way to experiment with new colours and patterns! No matter your decor style or type of home, this little change can have a transformative effect.
A new lampshade can breathe life into almost any old lamp while adding spice to your space! At Freedom Tree, our lampshades come in a variety of prints, colors, and sizes to complement your room or give it a bright, bold new look. From small tapered shades for your desk or nightstand to statement styles for floor lamps and pendants, there are designer lampshades for every room and every use.

On the smaller side, our monsoon-ready Naalku, Taram, and Small Sej lampshades
make a big impact on consoles, dressers, and night stands.

Naalku Tiny Taper Lampshade

Taram Small Taper Table Lampshade

Small Sej Tiny Taper Lampshade

Perfect for lighting up a study desk, end table, or small area, our medium-sized
Para Para, Agartha, and Mahua lampshades sit well on both floor and table lamps.

Para Para Medium Taper Lampshade

Agartha Medium Taper Lampshade

Mahua Medium Taper Lampshade

Our wider, drum lampshades like Ogee, Udanti, and Kamu stand out with
their vibrant color and unique style to create a strong focal point

Ogee Small Taper Drum Lampshade

Udanti Large Drum Lampshade

Kamu Small Taper Drum Lampshade

Another popular ambient or task lighting option are pendant lights that brighten your space from above. Ranging from classic printed fabric shades such as our Marine Drive pendant to unique cane structures like our Sihadi lamps, they offer an instant style upgrade in various textures.

Sihadi Pendant Lamp

Marine Drive Medium Drum Pendant Lamp

Sihadi Pendant Lamp

Whether spending more time at home has inspired a home refresh or the start of summer has gotten those creative juices flowing, now is a great time to reinvigorate your space with new lampshades - especially when you follow our top tips. 

1. Select the size of your lampshade.

Where is your lamp going to go? If it’s going to sit on a bedside table, you will need a lampshade with a smaller profile. If you want to carve out a well-lit reading corner, you could probably place a wider floor lamp next to your favourite armchair. 

2. Choose complementary colours.

Any space that requires illumination - whether that’s your living area or bedroom, should be treated cohesively with the rest of your decor. For a lampshade that blends well with your room, opt for micro prints or solid coloured shades that are repeated in your furniture or furnishings. If you want your lights to be the focal point, opt for lively macro prints and bold colours that will stand out.

3. Match your shade to its base.

Tapered shades work well with decorative or ornate lamp bases, while contemporary drum shades suit modern or minimal styles. With the classic tapered shade, light is spread downward through the wide brim. Drum shades have a wide cylindrical shape that allow light to flow both upward and downward.

4. Don’t forget the bulb!

All Freedom Tree shades have a universal ring fitting designed to fit a holder with a type E-25 bulb. We recommend selecting an LED bulb of a natural daylight or soft white color for a calm glow and warm feel. 

Tippi Small Taper Lampshade

Since changing a lampshade is fully reversible in a matter of minutes, you can play around with different colors, shapes, and patterns to create the perfect accent. It’s also an affordable decor update that allows you to refresh your room as your tastes evolve or the seasons change - allowing you to enjoy a new style with each iteration!

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Need a base to complement your designer lampshade? Get inspired with our unique selection
of table and floor lamps. Your new look is a flick of the switch away!