All the looks you need from sun up to sun down

What’s more sacred than a memorable meal shared with loved ones? Some of our earliest memories are of communal breakfasts at the large dining table on those weekend getaways to the coast. Sitting on wicker and wood dining room chairs, listening to the lull of the waves in the distance, on warm, summer mornings.

The little details of those memories are etched into our mind’s eye - the sunlit plates, the woven table mats, the coconut trees swaying in the light breeze, the warm wooden grain visible in the dining room furniture, and the bursts of good-natured laughter that erupt as the meal lingers on.

To recreate that vacation tranquility would require the right tools. An ounce of loved ones and friends, a wooden dining room furniture set that replicates the mood of those lazy summer mornings, some casual, easy-to-move chairs that can accommodate out of town family visiting for the summer, and plenty of hours set aside to let the afternoon unhurriedly turn to evening.

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Breakfast Nook

Create a casual breakfast space in your home with the new Brekker table which seats two, but can easily squeeze in an extra friend or two. With a round top and angular base, its sculptural form allows it to easily transition from breakfast to workstation as the day progresses. Place it by a bright window so that you can work while watching the world through the corner of your eye.

The Nuvem rope chairs have a slim angular frame that contrast with its patterned woven base. Fun, lightweight, clean in form. They make the room feel sprightly, and can be tucked into small spaces and moved around to suit your mood and needs.

To transition this table from casual to intimate, day to night, just hang our cane Aattur pendant lamp above - an instant way to enhance a cozy dinner for two and keep things warm and welcoming.

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A Table for All Occasions

Surround the contemporary Yamate Table with as many chairs as you can fit, to ensure there’s always room for friends. The live edge wooden surface and dark hammered base form an artisanal statement that fills the room with raw, earthy texture. As artistic as it looks though, it’s also comfortable, with enough seating space for six to eight. When not in use, the table can double up as a drinks counter or even a surface to work on a large puzzle, when it’s too hot to step out.

The washed blue Udanti cabinet doubles up as a sideboard to store dinnerware sets and display artistic objects. Above on the wall hangs a Freedom Finds mirror, a handcrafted vintage treasure that gives character to the eclectic canvas of your dining room. The wicker and teak Spine chairs have a neat woven base and can be paired up with wooden tables because of their clean lines and use of natural materials. Comfy and unfussy, rope chairs like these are the perfect perch for many a spicy, summer lunch. Top the table with the pink Raffia table linens to center the attention of the lazy weekend conversation, where memory meets modern.

An Evening Soiree

Flow from day to night with the Floating Top dining table. For dining, this natural teak table seats four to six, but it can also turn into a potential study table or a spot to lay out drinks as the evening turns to night.

With all natural finishes, this dining table can be adorned with fresh flowers in one of our solid metal vases. Fresh blooms couple perfectly with the brightly upholstered Malabar chairs and Ottoman bench, bringing vivid pops of color to the room. As an alternative to dining chairs, casual benches make for a more accessible perch: they can easily seat two to three and can be moved around to suit different purposes around the house. Both the Malabar chair and Ottoman bench can be upholstered in any of our fabrics to suit your mood and bring a bright pop to the room.

Completing the entertaining ensemble is the Coonoor bar cabinet with its breezy summer weaves. Its platform top can be pulled down to create an impromptu bar station, while the cupboard reveals ample storage for spirits and canisters. Slim and compact enough to slide into spaces big and small, it’s guaranteed to become the focal point of your next midsummer night’s soiree. What a refreshing spot to unwind during the day or night!

Let the summer memories get to work and invigorate your space anew! Natural woven lighting overhead can complete the ‘glow up’ of each setting and bring in that breezy summer feel.

As the season calls for fresher and more casual looks, reimagine your dining room with our new contemporary furniture.

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