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Table linen for every setting: covers, runners, mats, and napkins

Transform any dining experience with elegantly handcrafted designer table linen sets, made in India and designed by Freedom Tree. Bring joy & color to your dining table with our unique and stylish range of printed & woven table mats, table covers, dinner napkins & cocktail napkins, and table runners. Find unique pieces for everyday use as well as special contemporary ones for your special lunches & dinners to complement your hand-painted ceramics or solid dinnerware & serveware crockery. Order online by adding your selections to the cart and placing a secure online order, it will be safely delivered to your home.

Inimitable table linen for everyday use as well as a get-together. Complete your table linen set with our table covers, dinner & cocktail napkins, table runners, and table mats

Dress up the table with colorful designs and get ready for indulgent dining with our range of table linen. Create a coordinated look by matching your dinnerware and table accessories to your table linens. Tucking your dinner napkins into napkin rings imparts a sophisticated look. The selection includes designer table cloths and other table linen sets in an array of colors and prints. There are pieces for everyday use and linens suitable for special occasions. Complete your table runners with our table mats. You're bound to love your dining table. 

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