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Meet Nara: Furniture that Breathes. Discover the natural beauty of teak wood through sleek lines, smooth curves, and low seats. Light, airy, and cool enough to suit the warm tropics.
Unwind in the arms of nature: Nara Chair
Spindle Tropical Teak. Spindle Series >>
Light and Airy Spindles

Handcrafted Teak Wood

Timeless and Familiar Styling. Discover >>
Original Design. A furniture family brought to you by the design studio at Freedom Tree. The design language flows artfully from tables to shelves, and even a crafted bed. Shop Spindle >>
Artful Everyday. Our spaces -  like our lives -  are dynamic, everchanging to suit our rhythms. 

A surface hosts a tea party, a bedside setting, an impromptu workspace, or an artistic decoration. All Furniture >>
Awake in a Tropical Paradise. The warm teak and airy styling weds wonderfully with tropical greens and printed patterns. Wake up on the lighter side. Bedroom >>