Stories of Curiosity

Discover Freedom Finds, a bridge to the past and gateway to the future.

The urban canvas of our modern homes welcomes the spirit of other narratives! Specially sourced across the country, Freedom Finds are utterly unique pieces with a storied past. 

Repurposed industrial castings, everyday household objects, and animated masks and figurines find new life as beautiful storytelling accents - old treasures that spark new conversations!

Everyday Beauty

With craft so inherent in our history, even the most ordinary objects bear artisanal decoration. From butter churns to oil pestles,
primitive kitchen essentials come alive as artistic displays for the
tabletop and wall.

Animated Spirits

Expressive masks and lovingly carved figurines animated with stories and spiritual significance find a special place in the home. As sculptural representations of the living and the sacred, they combine theatrical gestures with ceremonial purpose - making a compelling case for those who want to add more character to their decor!

Equally animated are enigmatic totems that lend gravitas to any corner. Crafted into monolithic forms with abstract carvings, they reveal hints of a mystical past as they reach toward the heavens. 

Wild Wonders

Nature has always been the biggest inspiration, even permeating architectural elements that once graced old Havelis. Carved creatures and botanical flowers come to life on mini teak wood panels - little charms of our handcrafted history that make a stunning statement on the wall.

Architectural Remnants

Early industrial castings introduce a new way to decorate your space! Once used in the construction of homes, these handcrafted teak wood panels were molds for building window jalis, balustrades, furniture, and more. Their intricate craftsmanship and decorative details live on as objects of intrinsic beauty - a nod to the creators before us and creativity all around us!

Take an alternative approach to furnishing a large wall by hanging a series of panels in an installation. With castings of different designs and sizes, it's easy to build a dimensional gallery wall. Not only will it form the focal point of the room, but you will be creating a statement that's uniquely yours! 


From the foothills of the Himalayas to our homes, primitive sarangis exhibit the raw ingenuity of the first craftsmen! With each instrument carved from a single block of wood, their musical legacy now shines through their sculptural form and detailing - a charming curio to bring melody to your decor.

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