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A scented candle is the one item that can accessorize your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and even office! With aromas ranging from classic vanilla to mogra, shea cashmere and even Baga breeze, our best scented candles will turn any room into a resort vacation. Think spa, relaxation and meditation- our scented candles will set the mood.

Need scented candles for your altar

Fire cleanses and purifies. Therefore no religious altar, prayer room or pooja thali is complete without our scented candles. Our Mod votive candles in silver will make your doorway even more inviting, on those festive nights. Light the candle and let the aromas wash over the entire room, for hours of calm, even breathing.

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By browsing through our best scented candles online and letting our catalog transport you to designer spaces, you can explore India’s finest range of candles for your contemporary homes & modern offices. Shopping online is easy & safe, and our living room furniture items are safely delivered across India for free. With zero hidden costs, all our prices are inclusive of taxes & shipping charges.