Softly step into the sun

A luminous collection infused with the light of the summer sun. As the season turns and the sun gives new life to the land, we’re slowly renewing our connection with nature: enjoying the warmth on our backs, the grass under our feet, and the blue skies above. With roots in the earth and in the ethereal, Solaire transports us to a pastoral playland through the dreamy gaze of a summer daze.

The sun-washed hues of the collection primarily shine through light and bright textiles. Shimmering landscape prints, solar stripes, and dappled dots and dashes reflect the sun’s movements from dawn to dusk. These new fabrics bring a softer look to the living room and can be mixed and matched with each other or coordinated with accompanying cushions. Here, the wondrous atmospheric effects of the sun and sky come through smart colorblocked weaves, sun-kissed gradients, and hand painted and digital effects that bring out the artist’s touch.

When it comes to furniture, new side tables and coffee tables capture brighter hits of sunlight with solid surfaces in brilliant hues. Complementing decor and lighting also play with light and shadow, such as sculptural metal vases in sunbaked shades and table lamps with burnished surfaces. A thread of sustainability also runs through the collection with decorative figurines handcrafted from coconut coir and cushions and table linens woven from recycled yarns. This season, make way for homes that are brimming with interesting ideas and that are surreal, more playful, and conscious of materiality.


In tandem with the haze that settles over the Indian summer, a sense of abstraction runs through Solaire, blurring the line between the real and surreal. Stepping outdoors, we embrace the natural world beyond our doorstep, from grassy fields outside the city to shaded banyan trees at its outskirts. Lush sugarcane fields on a journey to Goa inspired the collection’s hero fabric Kagal, an impressionist landscape that transports the beauty of the outdoors indoors. As the rippling light of the horizon spreads across the dappled abstract print, Kagal comes to life with expressive strokes in sunlit hues.

process paintings of the sugarcane fields, as the light travels from morning to night.

Dappled dining

Tableware also takes an earthier approach with ceramics that encourage farm-to-table dining. Crafted from red clay for an elevated artisanal feel, Sthal sets the stage for sophisticated summer dinners. While Sthal's organic beauty shines through blush pink glazing and sun-rippled speckles, a floral paradise unfurls over the more casual Greenhouse series. This all-day dining range blooms with hand painted motifs, bringing a natural abundance to brunches, lunches, and teas. Plate both with fresh summer fare and enjoy a new way of dining that’s as much a treat for the tastebuds as it is for the eyes!

The table setting extends to recycled table linens that reflect the shades of sky from sun-kissed dawns to solar flare sunsets. Find coordinating table mats and napkins in these brilliant shades as well as a striped table cover that brightens up the dining table.

As we continue to celebrate creative expression, the seasonal shift calls for lighter patterns and pastel tones - a look that can easily slip into homes and give them a new lease on life. Dive into Solaire and discover a new normal driven by impulse, imagination and radiating with the sun’s vibrant energy.