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Storage: Wooden and metal storage cabinets online

Designed to make a statement, discover our explore storage cabinets & shelves for books, crockery, drinks, and glasses, to linens and clothes. Multipurpose storage pieces for your living room, study or bedroom areas. Designed and made in India, handcrafted to perfection and to the highest quality. Shop these storage cabinets online to complement your living room furniture as well as your bedroom furniture


Storage & Shelves: Cabinet, Bookshelf, Bar Cabinet, Sideboard, Chest of Drawers, and Study or Bedside Table

Looking for a place to showcase pieces you collected from your travels? Or to display books, photographic reminders, your treasured collectibles, or just something in the entryway to keep vases, diffusers and make it an inviting home. We present you storage to exhibit your favorite pieces in style. Choose from thoughtfully designed cabinets, drawers, sideboards, bookshelves, consoles and more. Rendered in sturdy acacia, classic teak, tropical beechwood, or the allure of wicker find them all here.

Storage furniture for every need

The things a person accumulates over the years reveal a lot about them. You can now proudly show off your favorite movies to friends, delight in listening to the music that defines you and also take the time to keep little souvenirs and reminders of the places your travels have taken you. Whether you’re a book aficionado or a sports fan, your keepsakes deserve to be seen. Plus, you also need somewhere to keep them all. Especially in urban homes, tasteful storage furniture is essential! Add more designer storage furniture from to your home and office so that the things you need don't take up more space than they need to. Shop our storage furniture online to make your ‘home edit’ easy and effortlessly chic.

Highlight your artifacts with storage shelves

Curios, knick knacks, books and artifacts give a home or office character and individuality. Our modern shelves for living rooms and designer shelves are the perfect spot for family photos, that statue you picked up on vacation or that antique vase that has been in your family for generations. For books and magazines, our wooden shelves are a perfect organizational space. So simplify your storage with designer storage shelves and cabinets. What you want to display is up to you, but the general idea is to let people know more about who you are and what you like.

Shop storage online

By browsing through our designer storage shelves online, you can explore India’s finest range of furniture designs for your modern, vintage or contemporary home. Shopping online is easy and safe, and our handcrafted tables are safely delivered across India for free. With zero hidden costs, all our prices are inclusive of taxes and shipping charges.

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Ready To Dispatch
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CONSOLE TABLE Pixel Console (Gold)
Pixel Console (Gold)
Rs. 11,300
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Ready To Dispatch
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CONSOLE TABLE Balance Console (White)
Balance Console (White)
Rs. 22,800
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Ready To Dispatch
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CONSOLE TABLE Pixel Console (White)
Pixel Console (White)
Rs. 18,900
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Ready to Dispatch
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BOOKSHELF Tripod Bookshelf (Mango Wood)
Tripod Bookshelf (Mango Wood)
Rs. 32,800
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Sold Out
SIDEBOARD Gami Sideboard
Gami Sideboard
Rs. 53,700