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Decorative and Unique showpieces for your living room

Spruce up your tabletops with our original & creative home decor collection of lovely photo frames, pen stands, and boxes for various use. Amalgamate them beautifully with our unique & cute range of animal & bird figurines, designed & made in India. These tabletops and unique showpieces are perfect to bring an instant feeling of happiness & quirkiness in your living room.

Table Accents that are nothing less than the most stunning pieces of Showpieces for your space, uniquely handcrafted to spruce up your home or office

Add finishing touches to the room with inimitable and unique showpieces and décor accents, to be shopped online with ease. Choose from our range of nature-inspired figurines, handcrafted table tops, original prints as art, and functional decor essentials; made with signature FT panache to curate inspired spaces. From recycled metal figurines for your outdoors to hand painted wooden animal figurines for your indoors, from upcycled waste baskets & fruit baskets to our fabric prints translating to wall art, and from photo frames & boxes to desk organizers; our unique showpiece collection has it all.

Looking for one of a kind showpieces or table accents??

Well, look no further- has a wide range of contemporary, handmade and artisanal showpieces for your home and office. Our table accents and tabletop accessories can act as paper weights, conversation starters and just a sight for sore/bored eyes. Even in the office, a desk is incomplete without one of our handmade showpieces and figurines.

Show pieces for the living room

A well chosen showpiece reflects the personality of the homeowner. Artisan has painstakingly crafted the table accents with varying techniques like paper mache, inlay work or handwrought metal. Some of our showpieces are even made from reclaimed materials. Our botanical Udanti tree stand which has a beautifully carved wooden accent with handworked details that illustrate a tall forest tree. Our POISE sculpture adds a layer of whimsy and artistry to any tabletop. Let your guests admire the smaller details of your home, and all the charm they provide.

Buy showpieces online

By browsing through our showpieces online and letting our product catalog transport you to designer spaces, you can explore India’s finest range of curios and show pieces for your contemporary homes & modern offices. Shopping online is easy & safe, and our living room furniture items are safely delivered across India for free. With zero hidden costs, all our prices are inclusive of taxes & shipping charges.

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