June, 2023

The monsoons hold a special place in our hearts. Every year, the season turns subtly and quietly at first, then with a thunderous arrival. The pre-monsoon rains bring a change in the air, the first pitter patter of rain lifts the fragrance of the parched earth – that instantly recognizable “petrichor” of soft clay and urban grime.  

We experience the rains differently across the country. Along the Kerala and Kokan coast, we batten down the hatches as the fierce vanguard of the rains hit the shores. In the urban south and west, the rains arrive soon after, refreshing and inundating us simultaneously. The North waits, with little patience as the rains arrive weeks later, but no less welcome, wiping the summer away and sowing the seeds for a lively new season.  

Mood Monsoon

Monsoon is a mood, a way of life, and a time of renewal. New patterns of life, new palettes in our spaces, and a transforming energy in the home. Let’s put our feet up, drink up, and snuggle in this season, with a fresh and Free spirit! 

A Season Turns

As the first hint of rains arrives with the welcome shade of clouds, we anticipate the play of light and color that is about to unfurl. These early rains are a tussle between rain and shine, as light peaks through the gathering clouds and intermittent showers. We call this special time Rainshine.  

In the home, we mark this change with a new energy of renewal and preparation. Securing our windows, switching out our summer linens, fretting how our clothes will dry, and finishing those long-forgotten weekend home makeover projects.  

Our fresh seasonal edit of bedlinen and home furnishings bring a palette of peaches and yellows to play contrast to the grey days ahead. Our color way choice of spring-like pastels this season reflects a reference to the season gone-by and the play of light and rain during the early monsoon Rainshine.  

Our signature Damask Rose floral print returns in fresh new colors as a bedcover. A range of new light and soft Dohars crafted from mul and pure cotton to snuggle into on those lazy rainy days, and printed quilts in our signature designs to keep you cozy in the AC all night.

Hack the monsoons by layering fabrics and furnishings – bedcovers and spreads over night sheets, a light dohar or throw nearby for chilly evenings, and a heavier duvet for the night. Roll-away rugs, and layers of throw cushions for a bright day-time look.  

Light and Reflection 

As the play of light and rain continue, we see rainbows in the sky on clearer days, and our homes become a refuge, a quiet place to recover and listen to the world go by. The dimmer light of the season, the more sheltered routine, calls for us to open up the house in other ways. We play with light and reflection in our decoration and expand the joy that fills our home. 

Mirrors are the window into the soul of the home. They show us the house from unexpected angles, expand the feeling of space, and - during the monsoons – reflect the scarce light generously warming and brightening the space.

In those corners and surfaces where natural light does not reach, we can enliven the space with impactful decorative lighting. Light is the hero as it plays through fabric shades placed on floor lamps or counter-top table lamps. For less light, and more mood, you can add string lights and fairy lights or even clutches of votives.

Add even more drama to a larger space with pendant lighting hung from the ceiling – dashes of light and shadow will play through the natural translucency of the shades. We recommend a warm white tone LED bulb for a natural yet intimate light quality indoors.  

‘Tis also the season for candles! They add to the layers of prismatic lighting we can bring to our home this season. With an added layer of fragrance, it triggers our senses, already heightened by the sound and scents of the monsoon.

Warm and woody fragrances complement the earthy scents we experience outside, or more floral scents bring out a sweetness in the air. Perfect to banish those musty scents in less ventilated rooms, or to spark a moment of meditation in the day.  

A New Life

The watered earth bursts forth with a new life. From the fecund hills to the teeming cities, nature is renewed. And we are renewed with it. Gardens appear in the cracks in the sidewalk, the sound of flowing water accompanies the soundtrack to our lives.

At home, we mirror this renewal, bringing inside a conversation with nature. We love to play with fresh florals, and textured furnishings in our living areas. Mossy green palettes with bright pops of contrast in yellow and coral can brighten the space while anchoring it in the season. The quiet months are a great time for an upholstery refresh or at the very least some fresh new cushions and throws. Textured tweed fabric with flecks of color slubbed and woven together make a great choice for seasonal furnishing.

Monsoon is also a great time to (literally) bring the greenery indoors. Plants in our living areas bring an organic calm and instantly brighten up a neutral or a colorful palette décor palette. We cover our indoor spaces in small potted pets, from our kitchen window sil to our study spaces, or beside armchairs in our living rooms. 

In the bedroom, the green story continues. Our seasonal bedlinen features the Peacock Song printed quilted in a Mossy Green colorway. Illustrated in a wood-cut style, symmetrical peacocks roam the mirror garden delighting in showers of rain. Printed on the softest voile with a warm polyfill lining, this quilt is sure to be the hero of whichever lucky bedroom it lands in!     

Let’s Stay In

Mood-Monsoon is the sub-continents answer to Scandanavia’s Hygge. Our patterns of life change and our connections and moments of togetherness evolve. A friend popping in for a warm ‘cuppa tea, family lunch on a drizzly day, or an impromptu gathering on rainy evenings where we all decide - ‘Let’s Stay In.’

Rainy days are perfect for spending in the kitchen! With the temperatures falling outside, we’re turning up the color in the kitchen with toasties from last night’s left-overs, maggi in the early evening, and decadent single origin hot chocolates before bed. The more serious baker is donning an apron and getting to work prepping the next great cake caper. We love to use our color pop ceramics – dipped in solid glazes of bright color in the kitchen: large and small mixer bowls for all our prep, palettes and jars for ingredients, and deliciously shaped baking and serving stands. The best part - all of our ceramics are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe!

Our favorite type of monsoon gathering is the unplanned one. Getting home late from work? Dreading the traffic? Just started pouring cats and dogs? Let’s stay in! We call over the usual suspects, make it a pot-luck, and get ready for some JOMO (joy of missing out). Casual gatherings like this need not be fussy. Small plates are the way to go with such affairs. Keep the snacks flowing straight from kitchen to plate as you stretch out across the living room in your favorite spots. For the sit down portion of the evening, nothing elevates the gathering with a colorful or elegantly shimmering table linen. Skip the fuss with a buffet style setting, where people can gather their grub and continue to circulate.  


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