Rishabh Khosla - May 18th, 2020

Prisms of Color Im-Printed in our Lives


The surprising and riotous moments of urban contemporary living always finds an expression in our work. Our designs are inspired by our surroundings and culture. As we explore a fresh idea, it lands as a cherished piece in your home - creating simultaneously a freedom and a cocoon. This resonance with design stems from well designed, coordinated, and quality made textiles and soft furnishings. 

Designed in-house, our bold, narrative illustrations make an unforgettable impact on upholstery fabrics, cotton fabrics and sheer fabrics.

Our design journey begins as we doodle; recreate from our memories and render ideas in colour on paper. These hand explorations, tactile cutouts, and abstract brush strokes, are the ideas that further take a flight of fancy. The raw expressions are a hip, fresh take on everyday pieces by our design team who have their finger on the design pulse of the urban nomad. We render shapes and layers in myriad shades that emerge on our prints and weaves in all their textured glory. 

Use of bold colours in refreshing prints is our trademark. Our play with colour goes back to our legacy as India’s first and only colour consulting studio which evolved into current day Freedom Tree.

The juxtaposition of different patterns and palettes, sets the attitude of a collection. It brings our designer’s vision into your home in the most surprising and artful way. Ever wonder why that wild pop of fuschia on a backdrop of yellows and mustards works? It’s color science that makes it possible - and the artful joy with which we design that makes your leap of faith possible.  

We spend many hours perfecting and tweaking the color balance of our coordinated prints. Each subtle variant can change the tone and vibe of a collection. So we’re relentless in finding just that right mix. We do all the work so you don’t have to - the serendipitous joy of picking a fun mix of cushions that CLICKS.

Color variation and fresh hues set our designs apart and is a FT leitmotif. We’re fortunate to work hand-in-hand with small-scale workshops, hand screen printers, block printers, and contemporary “digital printing” techniques to bring our design renderings to life. Working exclusively with Indian artisans and small scale industry we bring an urban sensibility to traditional craft. Engaging in a two way dialogue that enriches both of us.