women artists

at Freedom Tree

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Bold & Expressive. Delicate & Nuanced.

The designers at Freedom Tree have artistic souls. Our Arts curation celebrates the diverse talents and perspectives from which the designers launch their creative opus. It is all done with joy, because pleasure is a requirement for art! Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus School, famously said, “Architects, sculptors, painters, we must all return to the crafts! For there is no professional art. There is no essential difference between the artist and the craftsman. The artist is an exalted craftsman’.” Being involved in the daily design tasks, every day brings the designers in constant touch with craftsmen and artisans. The artwork is approached with a similar discipline but with much more Freedom. David Hockney, an artist we admire, noted the inner discipline of la vie de Boehme. An element essential as these Bohemians he reflected, were driven and hugely productive people.

Introducing the Women Artists

Always new

Almost naive, nearly awkward

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Neeharika’s line work is bold and free flowing. A print artist, textile and graphic designer, her strokes are an energizing burst of ideas. Often a botanical opus framed into strong color palettes. Or languid mysterious people. Working iteratively, when she turns her hand to botanica, they become mysterious futuristic plant forms. Fronds and ferns that grow like uncontrolled living things clinging to the vividly colored grounds.

Wood block

Fearless drawings

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Tarjani often combines her textile training with an expression of the natural, bridging her love for global artistic techniques. She took to textile printmaking at Freedom Tree and is a passionate proponent of screen printing. Lately wood block prints have become her expressive focus. In Forest Vigil, the trees stand tall and expansive in multicolor rendition. The striking lines and strokes mimic the bold moves made by the women in Chhattisgarh villages for the forest’s survival. While her personal color palette is pale and powdery, when creating artworks, she works freely, often co-creating with the fearless drawings of her two children, with whom she creates art on weekends.

Exquisite detail

A deft touch, ethereal colors

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Calm, collected and so very organized, is quiet Ketakee. A visualizer and illustrator, throughout her work one can see exquisite detail, a deft touch and ethereal colors. Drawn with a light hand, Ketakee illustrative style breathes life into the most inanimate objects of daily use. In her role as communicator, she works across media, digital as well materials to tell moving stories. Ketakee thoughtfully expresses her work in words that flow easily, making you wait for the next narrative. Everything is light, easy and so easily comprehensible.


Form defining linework

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A trained architect and designer, Vritika's art working, is influenced by volumes. Form defining line-work is the basis of Vritika’s work as a furniture designer at Freedom Tree. When she turns that energy to print and art, those strong lines begin to prove that creativity can be expressed across disciplines. She easily adapts her work into modern directions, which are based on original primitive impulses. For the art, whether it is a natural piece of a seed pod that becomes and undulating still life. Or pillars of architecture that flow onto fabrics. Her illustrative skills convey new ideas with dynamic animation. And the volumes speak volumes!


Playful and mobile

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Inspired by the task at hand, Nidhi’s work translates across media like a craftsperson. She is an accessories designer, working on Freedom Tree hardgoods. Her work involves imagining forms and patterns from ceramic to metal, wood and paper, rendering each design appropriate to the material. Playful and mobile, her artworks are almost engineered. When she speaks about the creative process, it is lucid and joyous, unfettered by the formal constraints of gallery conversations.

Digital native

Layers styles WITH a frenetic pace

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She is self-taught with inspiration from popular arts and social media. Akanksha's quick strokes and digital artwork is a testimony to the frenetic pace of her generation. A very swift artist, she can pull in influences that can layer styles across eras and design idioms. Akanksha works in digital marketing and tells compelling visual stories about Freedom Tree Day after day.

Pretty powerful

Retro futuristic artworks

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Harshita's take on the monumental Montane makes it appear like a misty cyanotype. Rainforest trees on the mountain slopes. In a psychedelic turnaround, there are also retro futuristic artworks with plants. The forms appear against black and white mind-altering mazes. Harshita is a textile designer and produces her artworks effortlessly on digital software. She plays with AI, exploring possibilities of traditional textiles with futuristic media. Nothing pleases her more than seeing the actual print appear on various textured fabrics. Woven textiles are a special interest, where she loves to see the interaction of color on experimental warp and weft combinations.

Gropius encouraged art as a therapy against all the wars and ills.
Go into the buildings, bless them with fairy tales of color, chisel ideas into the bare walls - and build in imagination, unconcerned about technical difficulties. The boon of imagination is always more important than all technique, which always adapts itself to man's creative will.