Rishabh Khosla - May 22nd, 2020

Mix and Match Ceramics


Our signature ceramics and entertaining ranges feature a wide variety of dinnerware, barware, serveware, mugs, and cake and bake accessories. The pieces marry fun with functionality. You instinctively connect with the colours and patterns. Every piece is hand-painted by master craftsmen, fired in a traditional oven to impart ceramic’s legendary toughness, and made microwave and dishwasher safe. Beautiful as art on your table or wall.

Kongu Server and painted Katori

Kongu Dinner and Side Plate

Our ceramics are familiar to many surroundings and tablescapes. Add each preciously painted piece to your collection, and watch them blend seamlessly together when you lay out a feast for your friends. Your go-to ‘Color Pop’ bowl is a perfect arm candy to the starters in the effervescent Kongu serveware. Each design collection builds its own narrative yet the designs blend seamlessly. Some may even call it ‘sorcery’. 

One of our first designs ‘Mombaye’, conceived about 30 years ago is a cult favourite. The ceramic range encapsulates the beauty of rose windows at Crawford market, the ubiquitous high rises in the financial district, the decorative grills of Mahim and the sun, sea and palms. It's not too much to say ---Bombay is an emotion captured in ceramics through ‘Mombaye’


The design process is a labour of love. Our artisans work with infinite patience to shape the pieces, tend to them as they go through firing and pour an equal measure of love as they render the designs by hand. The potter takes the clay, moulds into shape with deft blows and inward support.

Once the clay pieces dry then they are baked in the kiln. The baking is done at a very high temperature. The process is tedious and the temperatures are monitored carefully. The kilns are designed to heat and cool slowly to ensure that the pieces absorb the requisite amount of heat. The first firing in the kiln is crucial, as the piece loses water and reduces in size. Sometimes the artisans use kiln wash to protect the pieces while firing. Now the ceramic is ready to be decked with paint and design.

Once the base canvas is ready the artist comes to play. 

Our Taram Mug design comes to life

Prepping for Polychromy!

The designers transfer their visions onto sheets which are replicated by the artisans on the ceramic. This hand holding of the modern with the experienced makes the pieces exquisite. The pieces are hand painted and for the final finish they are glazed. The glaze ensures that the design stays in place.

Our Design Director sketches the Kongu

Ceramics 'Master' paints Mombaye

Our ceramics always take inspiration from a story or narrative we wish to tell. Sometimes seasonal, sometimes cultural, always joyful. The Sangolda collection borrows the intense color on the quintessentially Goan homes Painted in strokes from colors of the sea, aqua, emerald, cobalt and azure. The house and architecture set in a tropical paradise bring a Goa state of mind to any meal!

The final pieces of our Sangolda Collection are selling out and are now on SALE. Check it out now before it's gone for good!

Sangolda under painting

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