About Freedom Tree

"I see a home as a nurturing place for my family and friends. Filled with Joy it is easy to relax here.”

– Latika Khosla, Founder-Director Freedom Tree Design 


Based in the gritty industrial heart of Mumbai, Freedom Tree is a Design and Color strategy studio. Our niche consulting practice has grown into joyous home stores in Bengaluru, Goa, Mumbai, and an online presence. We bring to you, versatile pieces that celebrate the modern Indian sensibility that has a global appeal.


Acting as a ‘finger on the design pulse’ we identify what is new and cutting-edge, and translate it into persuasive inspiration and products for the home. We complete a decade of celebrating modern India as a vibrant design destination. Our collections marry form with functionality, easy to mix and match pieces to imbue your home and workspaces with warmth and energy.


At Freedom Tree, we design with Joy, no pretense, and dollops of relevance. Bold and graphic in colour, there’s always something unique and unexpected—a thumbprint against standardization. Designs that speak to the global citizen and are at home anywhere in the world. 

Loveable and fun products make everyday living beautiful celebrating a freedom of expression, freedom of thought and freedom of being. We have an eclectic “color design” collection of furniture, tableware, textiles, floor coverings, lighting, home fragrances and accessories.

Everything we do builds around the real and true. Loveable handcrafted products designed in-house by our young team and made in India. Ethically sourced, traditional processes, natural materials, and a product that is true to a design vision, the artisan’s skills, and a healthy dose of serendipity. 

We practice JOY in everything we do and it reflects in our designs. We take immense delight right from the exploration of design, to the way we work with each other, and most importantly the way we bring joy to guests from the moment they walk into our stores and transform their homes. 

We are risk takers. Think artistic and quirky with a clean edge, offbeat and inspiring. Unexpected combinations, surprising product features, and the Freedom for those who want to try the new and different for their homes. Our curiosity makes us chase sparkling thoughts.

Celebrating a freedom of expression, freedom of thought and freedom of being you. The feeling translates in the striking designs, vivid colours, and eye-catching graphic patterns that travel seamlessly across multiple surfaces and elements. That is the difference between a house and a home. 

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Our Legacy

Our journey began with ‘Takete Maluma’ almost 30 years ago. Based in Mumbai, the store was India’s first interaction with a contemporary design brand for home. Eclectic and edgy, with a global color scheme and quirky product mix, it found a strong resonance with the city’s evolving vibe and it’s people.

The store took its name from a famous gestalt psychology experiment—Takete Maluma, which establishes a connection between the spoken word and form. The name evoked multitude reactions and people familiarized the brand with their personal experience.

A defunct abandoned mill in the gritty heart of industrial Mumbai. Acres of space that were slowly transformed over the last decade from industrial tenements to the glitzy high streets and skyscrapers that define the new Mumbai. Here is where Freedom Tree first came home to roost, opening its doors almost exactly 10 years ago to the day.

From the very start, Freedom Tree looked forward while being inspired by deep roots of our past. A celebration of designs, handcrafted with love, all at the click of the browser. Launched in 2011, our online store connects us to our FT tribe across the country.

Opened in 2012, our Bandra store is a homecoming to a cherished space after 1994. Nestled amidst the trees around the corner of Turner Road it is an urban oasis in the hip yet intimate neighbourhood that has defined the heart and soul of Mumbai’s cosmopolitan flavour for generations.

The latest avatar of Freedom Tree home store was born out of our niche practice and is housed in the transformed textile mills in the heart of post-industrial Mumbai. Inspired by all the work we were helping our clients to do - and a desire to explain to our parents what we actually do.

 An old abandoned mill with its vaulted ceilings, beautifully proportioned jack arches and metal pillars, is a heritage property and houses our creative studio. The airy light filled studio is abuzz with activity as our patrons interact with the design team and browse contemporary, fresh, and bold products for home.

Housed in an old Portuguese bungalow, in the quaint lanes of Sangolda, our North Goa “Villa” is a heady mix of nostalgia and a relaxed vibe. The uplifting interiors are coloured in different hues and carry that intangible but instantly recognizable uplifting vibe that screams home.

We landed in Bengaluru in the conveniently located neighbourhood of Indiranagar. After an extensive renovation, we transformed a modernist family home from the 60s into a contemporary statement from the exterior, bringing in greenery-tinged light and preserving the warmth and coziness inside.

The Work of Many Hearts and Hands

Our design journey begins as we doodle; recreate from our memories and render ideas in colour on paper. These hand explorations, tactile cutouts, and abstract brush strokes, are the ideas that further take a flight of fancy.

Keeping the complexity of the design and the fabric in mind, a mesh screen is selected and coated with an emulsion. The digital formats of the design are then exposed onto this mesh and allowed to dry. Thereafter the emulsion is washed off and the design stencil is ready.The screen is then placed on the printing tables and the fabric is printed.

Our signature ceramics hand-painted by master craftsmen, beautiful as art on your table or wall. Fired in a traditional oven to impart ceramic’s legendary toughness, and made microwave and dishwasher safe. Our artisans work with infinite patience to shape the pieces, tend to them as they go through firing and pour an equal measure of love as they render the designs by hand.

Furniture that stays true to the material and pieces that will bring character to your home. Our furniture designs are crafted for comfort. From doodling designs to final upholstery everything is imagined in-house by our mavericks. The result is unabashed love and a rivalled following of loyalists.

Our pieces with their intricate artistry and craftsmanship are the work of many heads, hearts and hands. Traditional artisans carve the wood with distinct patterns, skilled craftsmen set the bone and shell inlay, honed weavers bring the wicker designs to life. Each style tells a story and connects the craft with contemporary modern design.

Everything at Freedom Tree is designed in-house and made in India. Handcrafted with local materials, traditional techniques, with a contemporary twist.

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We are makers. Our in-house design team conceptualises all our designs and products in-house. We work with artisans and small-scale producers across India to beautifully paint, weave, print, scrape and form each of our uniquely designed textiles, ceramics, and furniture for your contemporary home.

Experimentation in cuisine, craft, cinema, architecture has permeated all aspects of life. We are a part of this movement. From cutting edge styles to bold prints and colourful hues it’s all about expression. From early sketches to the finished product, each Freedom Tree piece traverses a journey and is a labour of many heads, hearts and hands.

Design Services

When you start a new project, there is so much to think of. You have a wonderful dream and we trust we have just the products designed to fit contemporary living. From lively bistros to boutique hotels; vacation homes, cutting-edge co-working spaces, and commercial offices, we can help you realise the perfect vision.




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