Monsoon Collection '22 

Stand still, feel the breeze. We are Chasing Monsoon. As the hazy atmosphere lifts, the air is filled with moisture and light. The season for quiet contemplation and new life is once again here! A calm balm settles over us like a canopy of dappled light...

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The soft blues of our new floral Divi Divi print and textured neutral textiles come into the home creating a mood of reflection. As the first rain clouds gather at the horizon, the ether is full of the promise of new life. Let a cozy layering of blues take over the bedroom and verandah as we say goodbye to the fervor of summer and anticipate the showers to come.

When it does start to trickle down outside, there’s nothing better than curling up in coziness inside. Soothing blue cushions and printed bedding help create a restful escape in which to enjoy the rains - this season we’re all about the layers and, as in most cases, the more the merrier!

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Then, the first crash of thunder is heard and the monsoon is unmistakably here! Lush pockets of greenery spring up in every nook and cranny, like secret gardens that were hiding in anticipation of their watery welcome. The rain washes away the dust and the green hues shine in their verdant glory. Just outside our window, these lush pockets begin to spring up in our urban neighborhoods, creating a glossy patchwork of greens amongst the concrete buildings and gray skies.

As the landscape changes outside, we continue to converse with nature inside. New Modern Greens woven in abstracted stripes and slubbed textures bring tactile smartness to bed linen, upholstery fabrics, and cushions. Fresh botanicals spring to life with our new Majuli print and classic florals recolored in rich outdoor hues. Hopeful and optimistic, these textiles help transform your spaces into secret gardens and are reminders of the abundance that nature brings each year.

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Natural woods make the perfect accompaniment to this look, playing out in tropical teakwood and coastal wicker furniture. White-washed finishes, cane detailing, and airy forms complement the canopy of textiles and ground us into a new season. Although light and breezy, this style is strong and sturdy and can help you build a quiet corner to retreat to with a good book or a friend. Not to be forgotten, contemporary materials also have their charm and an array of glinting metal tables brings a sleek liquid finish to the look.

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For teatime, our classic Chrysanthemum series returns with an oriental blooms hand painted in minty hues and pink. Electric, elegant, and eternal, it’s apt for enjoying hot cups of chai and biscuits when it’s raining outside! While away a weekend afternoon with an elegant tea table set for loved ones, or create a better start to the day by elevating your breakfast experience! Our list of rainy day comfort foods is endless and luckily, most dishes can be enjoyed at any time of the day!

As the earth renews itself, bring the theater of the season indoors. Enjoy the pitter patter of rain as it splashes onto rooftops and leafy trees, warm up with a hot drink on an overcast day, and enjoy the blurring of color and shape just outside the window. Between moments of sun and rain, the earth catches its breath, just as we too pause from the action and hunker down with cozy celebrations.