Journey of a Collection, from crayon to creation. Explore Artistease >>
Pigments of imagination. Cue the color with huest that transport ust ot our childhood! Shades picked straight form the crayon box create a playful optimistic palette. See more >>
Bold, carefree strokes are the cornerstone of the collection, jumping off the parper into an imaginative abstract print. Shop Crayon Upholstery >>
Hand drawn flowers bloom in their new home, while a graphic portrait comes to life with textural embroidery. Shop Face cushion >>
As drawings are directly translated into designs, Artistease celebrates the naivety of childlike expression and convergence of creativity and craft. Shop Crayon Fabric >>
Meet Tarjani - our textile designer took an intuitive approach to this collection by evoking her inner child. No rules, no figurative forms - just fun, freehand strokes and a dip into her imagination!