Designer wallpapers for living room and bedroom

Freedom Tree Design Studio brings our contemporary prints and bold color to modern and designer wallpapers for your home, office, and studio. Each print tells a tale and transforms your space in compelling ways. All our wallpapers are made to order with a minimum order of 3M. Order them with ease and read our guide to wallpapers online for further details.


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Reinvent your home, one wall at a time

Wallpaper used to be the domain of traditional homes where flower prints and paisley, pastel colors ruled the roost. Today, you can find a variety of designer wallpaper styles that fit your contemporary color scheme at Decorate your artistic home in a new way! Freedom Tree’s celebrated prints are now available in modern printed wallpapers featuring the best work from our intrepid designers. In an extension of our flair for color and print, these new luxury wallpapers are a celebration of our design archives, including illustrations and abstractions from curious travels and collections. The Freedom Tree Tribe craves bold choices for the home - they are certainly not wallflowers! Initially produced as patterns for upholstery fabrics, furniture surfaces, and ceramics, our newest design opus now goes boldly and monumentally large so that everyone can create their own Wonderwall!

What is modern wallpaper?

Created to accentuate your furniture choices and overall design style, printed wallpaper brings texture, color and sophisticated style to any room. In our catalog you'll find a variety of styles to fit transitional spaces and more modern options to go in your ultra-contemporary rooms. Add texture to your walls by choosing a subdued style or make a major statement with bold, bright colors and patterned prints. Shop our stylish wall covers online.

Shop Luxury and designer wallpapers online for Living Room and Bedroom

If old world charm is what you seek, our Coromandel washed rose wallpaper with its Temple silhouettes, elephants, and palms from the Coromandel coast will bring your wall alive. Or if whimsy and delight are your mood, Our Monkii white wallpaper, pink wallpaper and floral wallpaper inspired by old miniature paintings bring the ultimate in escapism. For a modern aesthetic, the Bold sej khaki wallpaper with its tribally inspired geometrics is perfect for you.