Ease into an artistic home and lifestyle with Artistease! Infused with new creative energy, home is a place filled with the things we love and no rules in how we put them together. As we intuitively layer our spaces, Artistease encourages us to be adventurous in abandoning convention for personal expression. 

Inspired by the imaginative spirit within us all, Artistease offers all the materials to turn home into a canvas. Looking at the increased care and attention that people are taking to their interiors, the new decor mood of 2022 inspires a greater sense of comfort and individuality. Through an artistic ensemble of furniture, furnishings, decorative objects, and ceramics, Artistease elevates everyday pieces with color and craft. Pairing the elements of practical living with a playful mix-and-match sensibility, our new collection encourages you to fearlessly paint your own story.

Artistease first unfolds in the living room and bedroom with distinct looks that honor the creative spirit. Whether you prefer cooler hues or warmer tones, or are drawn towards a bohemian aesthetic or more minimal one, there are many different ways to create an artistic home that’s true to you. The Artistease approach pushes you to enterprisingly piece things together that suit your lifestyle and needs. From drawing together eclectic inspirations, combining different furniture styles, and exaggerating and amplifying what works for you, the most comfortable home is one that’s flexible, functional, and completely personal!

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Creative boho living starts here! Discover a living space that breathes as a studio and becomes a center to explore your artistic impulses. Going back to the drawing board, primitive furniture and humble finishes are favored against polished pieces, mis-matched armchairs sit side by side, and moments of color and pattern anchor a busy patchwork of blacks and whites. Also note rugs and tables doubled to form a larger seating area - with pieces so nice, why not use them twice?!

Get the look with the Chevron Coffee Table, Patchwork Upholstery Fabric, Blueprint Upholstery Fabric, Karai Side Table, Karai Small Side Table, and Artistease Cushions. Explore the new Artistease furnishings, an imaginative explosion of hand-drawn strokes and feel-good textures. Layer them up and curl up in color! 

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Step into a space washed in sun kissed hues, rich textures, and a selected ensemble of treasures. Creating an artistic home doesn’t necessarily have to be chaotic; it can also be carefully curated! 

Here, warm velvet fabrics, glimmering metallic finishes, and visible strokes of the artist's hand - whether embroidered on cushions or painted on furniture - blend creative expression with sophistication and create delight in every corner.

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A softer complement to the refined living room, this rose-tinted bedroom warms the cool winter light with quiet but free-spirited charm. Bringing together sunset hues with retro flourishes, the space is a study in contrasts: light and airy sheers flutter against the grounded geometric furniture while a muted woven bedspread lies next to a richly-illustrated armchair. 

To blend opposites, rather than staying away from them, merges eclecticism with elegance in a way that’s entirely yours.

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A bedroom that delivers a burst of energy! Whether you’re resting or recharging, this is a space equally suited for getting cozy and creative. Colored in zingy yellows, layered with finely-crafted quilts, and complete with a soft spot to refresh, reset, and let the imagination run free, this room blends the needs of a bedroom with those of a home office or studio.

Simply add curios that spark inspiration, printed sheers that filter in the soft winter sun, and utilitarian furniture that's light, bright, and adaptable to all your needs.

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