Freedom Tree partnered with Vista Rooms to transform their “Broken Banyan” luxury villa property in Alibaug into a ‘Natural Boho’ paradise. We got together with Vista as we share a passion for creating cherished experiences and inspiring spaces. With our expertise as a design consulting studio and home store, we were able to help re-envision the experience and create a space for a special stay that incorporates the local context of the property as well. 

Our design and projects team developed a few aesthetic concepts after a visit to the Broken Banyan villa where they understood how the space was to be used by Vista’s guests. From the moodboard, we evolved a color palette and detailed layouts and special looks for each space: the living and dining areas, bedrooms, and patio. 

As we were refurbishing an existing property, we took account of pieces and areas that could be retained and freshened up. A bed that takes on a new life with fresh bedding, a room that shines with new fabric blinds, or a wall that takes on a new dimension with some color-blocked splashes of paint. Our focus was to create ‘impactful spaces’ where people would congregate or retire and keep fresh the memories of this special experience. 

Our team worked closely with Vista from the initial design concepts to custom producing the furniture, lighting, and fabrics for the project. In the final days, we spent time at the villa for the finishing touches of painting and refurbishment, and to install all the new furniture and fittings for the space. Keep on reading for more about the look and how it came together!


Freedom Tree is a full-service design consultancy and trend studio. With our joyous home stores and our love for spaces, we can help you create a trendy designer look for you. 

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The Boho Natural Look

Boho Natural is a stay for those who want to unplug. It’s a predictably contemporary story with a raw minimal aesthetic that is navigable by all. Screen time is restoratively balanced with an abundance of sensory tactile texture, while surfaces and colors lend a visual calm.We identified a few elements around the look: Furniture finishes: Wooden surfaces in washed white, natural live edges, pale pinks & grays bring a lightness into the space. Natural material lights: Wicker and natural fabrics lend an organic appeal.Screen printed curtains and blinds infuse a relaxing yet energetic tropical touch.

Similarly, the color palette we developed borrowed from light and natural materials such as soft earth tones, coastal colors, and weathered and textured shades.The layouts were open and geared around an easy flow of space and movement, from seating areas to dining areas and lounging areas to sleeping areas. 

The Easy Living Lifestyle

The aesthetic we created at Vista’s Broken Banyan property is oh-so-Freedom-Tree because it ultimately is about relaxation, an easy unfussy lifestyle, and a joy for coming together to create special moments. While Easy Living is somewhat a state of mind, there’s also a few things you can do in your own home to bring in the feeling and look that you last felt when you were on vacation. 

Greenery & Space

Resort decor is all about creating an airy, tropical feeling which can be achieved with plenty of space, natural light, and of course, strategically-placed plants! Resorts provide a sense of calm and relaxation, which you can recreate by allowing as much light in as possible and making sure your space is as open and uncluttered as it can be. With window treatments, select loose weave drapes or sheers that filter in the sun and still bring in the cool breeze. 

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Plants help amplify that tropical feeling - especially when oversized or grouped in clusters! Large plants help fill out corners of rooms, while mid-sized ones in the slouchy Bunai baskets or woven Sabai planters are just the thing to bring in that breezy, relaxed feel. A scattering of smaller plants and florals on various surfaces is an easy way to add to the lushness. Aim for a look that’s been curated over time instead of a collection of pots that are too matchy-matchy - our ceramic herb planters are a great choice here!

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Natural Materials

Introducing pieces made with natural materials and fibers create a sensory connection to the outdoors and enhance the natural boho style. Live edge furniture, like the 8-seater Live Edge table used in the dining area of Broken Banyan helps retain wood’s natural wonder and give your room that wow-factor.An easy way to add texture interest is with handmade wicker lamps that anchor the dining area or living room. 

Whether you opt for the Sihadi pendant (as featured in Broken Banyan), or something more raw and rustic, woven lighting brings a sense of casual cool to your space and prevents it from feeling too fussy.Distressed surfaces and decor enhance the lived-in feel while bringing a lightness to the space. Whether that’s with coastal washed white furniture or repurposed wall decor, weathered finishes help soften your overall look and enhance its organic appeal. 

Colour & Tropical Prints

No resort look is complete without rope furniture! Suitable for indoors or outdoors, brightly-woven chairs and benches invite you to immediately sink in and feel at ease. Our Tropica chair, available in 3 different colorways, is the perfect perch for any garden or poolside lounging. 

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For the ultimate resort experience, pair natural and woven furniture with tropical textiles. Think bold botanicals and abstract geometrics softened with cool pastels and neutral solids. Cushions inspired by natural beauty, such as fun patterns and natural textures, help turn any room into a destination and reinforce the call to relax. 

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The Look & Space

We were so proud when the whole space came together. The natural Boho look came to life at Broken Banyan with its spacious and well-lit rooms. The dramatic living room and master bedroom are the highlights of the space. With cozy corners in the other bedrooms and corridors to make the property ripe for new memories. 

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Our journey with Vista continues as we work with them to transform more properties and create a hierarchy of spaces and looks that align with the experiences that guests want to have. Keep watching this space for more updates and new looks that will come out of our collaboration.

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