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Mansara: Sacred Geometry

Mansara: Sacred Geometry

As we enter a new Festive period, `we seek out connection to our past, present, and those around us. With our Fall collection Mansara, we pay homage to the sacred geometries of our universe: a mathematically, cosmically, and architecturally inspired design collection for the home. 

Sep 06, 2023

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Now in Sadashiv Nagar, Bangalore

In the Heart of Old ‘Luru, A design gallery that is a nod to modernity.

Proud- Pride. Variance. Love.

It is the Summer of Love, and we’re marking Pride Month this year with a very special collaboration with Tweet Foundation, a leading organization looking to build an empowered, self-sufficient, and vibrant Trans movement in India.

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 The second home...which is always your first love.

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Freedom Tree, it’s in the name. We’re all about being Free, and this collection celebrates women of all ages and their free-spirited femininity.