Decorative Planters & Vases for Living Room

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Decorative Planters & Vases for the Living Room

Add color & joy to your home with our inimitable vases and planters. Bring some greenery indoors with our unique metal & ceramic Plant Pots. Grow your own greens & experience true bliss as you watch them bloom in our stunning planters. Use our hand-painted ceramic & glass vases for elevating dinner tables and mantle with home grown flowers and foraged flora. Add life to the most mundane corners of your home with nature as inspiration.

Be it Metal Planters or Watering Cans, Indoor Planter or Large Plant Pots, and Ceramic Vases or Glass Vases - Freedom Tree has it all for you

Bringing in greens imbues the home with a soothing vibe. The easiest way to cheer up a space is to add a flower vase full of fresh bloom. We bring you a variety of colorful ceramic vases & glass vases that add to the living spaces on their own. Grow your own greens in our wide range of herb planters for the desk, mantle, or welcome jungalow vibes with our range of recycled animal planters & watering cans. Or simply shop online for woven planters & plant pots for your indoors and outdoors!

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