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APRIL 2023


The second home… which is always your first love  

Sun sky and a swim 

Enjoy the tropical outdoors

Bright and botanical prints

Sun sky and a swim 

Enjoy the tropical outdoors

Bright and botanical prints


Summer Villa Vibes

Setting up a new home or refreshing a few spaces?

Want to bring color and bold design into your space? Need inspiration and customized advice? 

The Transformation Process

We’re so thrilled about our latest space transformation in Goa. This unique property was a labor of love for the owner who also wanted to be able to use the space for entertaining and hosting groups of friends. This second home – and first love – was transformed with airy outdoor spaces, tropical and botanical prints, and a deference to the natural light and sky that the property is blessed with.  

Color Palette

​We created a Color Palette that exuberates the term Coastal and Seaside. Borrowing from the immediate surroundings, the palette is conceived in cobalt blues, some black and whites and a tinge of lime green.​


As part of the process, our team of interior designers and styling experts provided layouts and visual concepts for each area, as well as specific furniture and fabric suggestions. 

Before- After

The transformation was the work of many hearts and hands. Our team of designers, production and logistics experts worked side by side  and on the ground to deliver on the vision of the space. 

Living Room -Before

Living Room- After

Bedroom- Before

Bedroom- After

Outer Deck- Before

Outer Deck- After

Living Room


Outer Deck