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Signature Home Furnishings

Infuse fresh energy indoors with vivid colours and bold prints. Designed house our range of furnishings draw from our surroundings and culture. Edgy, bold and contemporary designs in a range of soft bed linen, comfy and colourful cushions, cosy throws, elegant sheers and vibrant rugs.



Signature series of Home Furnishings Online at Freedom Tree

Add texture and oodles of personality with an original collection of Home Furnishings at Freedom Tree. Striking graphic, floral, and abstract prints, brought to you by our in-house design team. The series includes an extensive range of plush cushions, bright bed linens, elegant sheers, exuberant rugs and flocculent throws that help usher in a warm vibe to your home. Choose from an artistic and contemporary curation of designs that embrace florals, weaves, prints and embroideries; inspired by the seasons, culture and urban landscapes.

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