Presenting Kongu Dinnerware Collection

plate, bowls and vases

Inspired by ancient traditions and Southern Kingdoms, Freedom Tree’s newest dinnerware collection is a feast for the senses. Just in time for your Festive dinner parties and evening gatherings, Kongu brings a new level of class and formality, with that ever-present - irrelevantly playful - Freedom Tree style.  

dinner plate and napkin

We take inspiration from the monumental architecture and ancient traditions of the Southern Peninsula. Gopurams in vivid polychromy, numinous kadamba trees, and sacred temple tanks illustrate this festive Kongu dinnerware.

serving bowls
As with every ceramic collection at Freedom Tree, we begin our work by turning our inspiration into color palettes and reference illustrations. These designs are developed in our studio and hand-painted with the same strokes that will eventually be uniquely made on each and every ceramic piece.
color palettes
Every piece is eventually hand-painted by master craftsmen, fired in a traditional oven to impart ceramic’s legendary toughness, and made microwave and dishwasher safe. Beautiful as art on your table or wall. Made in a limited edition.
Speaking of art, the heroes of this collection are our stunning hand-illustrated platters and servers.

serving platters

The Kongu round serving platter has painted little mounds of earth, each with a magical plant. A fruit plate, a cheese platter or serving the best biryani! Water waves and earth mounds hold magical plants in handpainted sprays. Earthy colors of terra ochre and aqueous teal make this Kongu oval plate vividly attractive. A beautiful small shrine a pond, floral clouds and waving fronds. A sanctuary awaits on this Kongu oval platter. Mythical trees, floriated palms and waving fronds. Find a southern tropical landscape on this Kongu rectangular platter. Make it India modern with moreish starters?

serving plates

Last but not least, the Kongu octagonal platter epitomizes this dinnerware range. The rising polychromatic pyramid takes center stage, with an even more intricate structure in the background. All held together with red detailing marking the borders of what is a sanctified space. Everything you serve on this platter will be an offering of love.

serving bowls
Speaking of serving up love, this collection is made for generous gatherings with the closest friends and family. Picture all those family favorites from biriyanis and raitas to halwa and gulab jamuns. For a Southern twist, our favorites always include idlis, appams, and Ishstew for you!

 snack servers

Whether it’s a large and formal sit-down dinner or a more casual buffet-style menu, Kongu will fit right into your festivities this season. Our snack servers are also not to be missed as they make the perfect accompaniment of peanuts and kebabs from your evening chai to your late-night card parties.
Feast like the kings of old this season, be transported to those monumental imperial times, re-invented for the modern home and palette.

kongu ceramics


under the southern sun

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