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A Makeover at Kanha Wildlife Resort
Our team designed a top-down refresh for this gorgeous Kanha retreat. Customized furniture for the suites to the common spaces.
Rustic hardwood and warm wicker are a feature of of the design story. Artisanally crafted, upscale wilderness chic!
Women Artist at Freedom Tree
The designers at Freedom Tree have artistic souls. Our Arts curation celebrates the diverse talents and perspectives from which the designers launch their creative opus. It is all done with joy, because pleasure is a requirement for art!
Summer Home Refresh

 The second home...which is always your first love.

People & Stories 
Freedom Tree, it’s in the name. We’re all about being Free, and this collection celebrates women of all ages and their free-spirited femininity.
A Makeover at Machaan 
Nestled in the coffee-scented western hills of Coorg, steps from the National Park, is the Machaan Wilderness Reserve. The eco hotel is set on the most exquisite mist covered patch of hills and trees. Built with a very minimum footprint, it's all natural, rustic, and refreshing.
Nandi Housing x FT
Kaizen Living is a new way to live a designer lifestyle at an accessible price point.
Free Spirits at Home - Sanjay & Manisha
Free Spirits at Home
StayVista x Freedom Tree
Bright sunshine, cool evenings, far away retreats, and new adventures. At Freedom Tree, we encapsulate these motifs into our ‘Resort Living’ looks, re-interpreted year after year. The Resort Lifestyle serves to transport us to happier times, with a celebration of...