Scent and Sensibility

"Fragrance is a sense that can evoke a memory, a moment. We know you love the fresh colors and deft design at Freedom Tree! Let me share with you another, even more, sensorial experience, with fragrance."
- Latika Khosla, Founder & Design Director, Freedom Tree.

We love color as much as you do! It has the capacity to be transformative, affect you with changes to your spaces, and effect you by uplifting your mood. As a designer, I am always awed by the power of fragrance. A sensation that I think is transportive.

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I’m sure you feel what I do. A mere whiff of jasmine can take me back in time to remember the trailing tree in my mother’s garden. The waning heat, the cool sheets, and summer drinks and even her voice. Another friend, Sania’s fondest memory is her father's after-shave. Childhood mornings spent getting ready to go to school and him to office, triggering that feeling of affection even now. Jay has a universal memory of a smell we all love: petrichor. The smell of wet earth, or Gil, the pleasant fragrance that comes from the ground after the first rain. A relief from the long period of warm dry summers. Gunjan is immediately transported to her grandmother’s courtyard. The delicate Harshringar flowers, that they would gather. Their tiny star-like forms, like abundant snowflakes on the ground. The hint of winter, a change of season and the positivity of a new year!

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It’s likely you have smelled each of the scent families at some point in your life, whether on your morning walk in the woods, passing a spice street or at the turn of season!

Fragrances are grouped in a way, much like color. Just as there is a color wheel that transitions from a yellow through orange to get to read, and then thru pinks mauves and purples to become blue - fragrances are also organized to show their relationship to one another. Scent families are broken up into four main groups: Floral, Oriental, Woody, and Fresh. These represent the four main olfactory groups with each having distinct characteristics.

Every fragrance family can be downloaded individually. Just click on the image to download it directly on your mobile, computer or tablet and share it with your friends, families, and peers with ease.