Elae: An ode to Nature

Make the most of the time indoors, playing games, watching movies, eating together, and sharing meaningful moments with loved ones. As staying home, taking care of ourselves and looking out for your loved ones is more important now than ever, we bring you a range of dinnerware laden with a nurturing vibe, much like your own cosy cocoon. Elae, our range for Spring encapsulates the architectural outer forms and the inner nurturing environment within a seed. 

The Elae dinnerware collection, pays an ode to nature and the humble keepers of life. A hand painted range featuring retro-modern styling with outer patterns and geometry that comes to life in the painted forms of the seed. Rendered in a beautiful hue of blue, it springs on the canvas as the seed in flight looking for newer nesting grounds.

Early morning rituals set the tone for the day and no better company than the Elae tea mug for the perfect brew, for those who get carried away on work calls the Elae tea mug with a spoon and lid ensures your brew stays warm when you return. 

Start your day right with our breakfast range, with cereal bowls and plates captivating the energy of the sprouting seed, like the first rays of the sun at daybreaks. 

The Elae tapas plates and small platters go well with the Freedom Blue range of snack servers and team time accessories. A joyous geometry for happy hour at home, where sharing a light snack together is not just rejuvenating but rather therapeutic. 

Serve plateful of delights in our Elae Dinner plates featuring the seed as the sentinel representing the monumental stillness that life holds within itself. The easy to mix and match range features bowls of all proportions for the late night maggi or dollops of ice cream.

Be at one with nature as you scoop up indoors and embrace social distancing with a range of table essentials that embody the spirit of nature’s nurturing, it’s abundance and strength. Take this time to renew, reconnect and rejuvenate and what better way to do it than food!

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