Design Services

Design Services


Need a Home Makeover? Re-doing a room? Setting up a new Home?


We at Freedom Tree are a design studio specializing in colours, designer furnishings and furniture. You can always call or email us or visit one of our stores to get help and advice from one of our Design Curators. But if you want a little more help... we help with makeovers or with setting up a new home the way your inner self desires. With fabrics and materials that bring light and colour in your surroundings, we shape dreams into reality for you. Our team works collectively to execute each request and provide you with joy and happiness in the least amount of time. We can help you with furniture, styling, colours and fabrics along with accessories and home décor.


3 Step Design Services:

1. Discovery

Tell us a little about yourself, the vibe you are going for, and send us pictures of the space. Every individual and home is unique so we want to get to know you!

2. Inspiration

We’ll send you a customized Presentation with a mood board and color pallette for your space, a layout and selection of furnishing options you can use.

3. A New Look

Our expert team of designers and craftsmen will work with you to finalize all the details, place orders for all items, and set you up with your dream look!

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