When you are setting up a home or starting to shop for a makeover, there is so much to think of. You have a wonderful dream and want someone to make that a reality.

Now, help is at hand. If you like the easy living at Freedom Tree, you know we have the expertise to get you there. Book a consultation with our designers, who create the fresh colors, the textiles, the furniture and styling.

We can help you put the look together and make the experience of doing up a home a joy!

How can we help you?

Meet our Design Curator

Every Freedom Tree store in Mumbai or Goa is headed by a Design Curator. Talk to them in person about your décor needs, and view the pieces with them.

Ask FT

Book a Design Service Online. A step by step guide is sent out and a talented team works closely with you to give a concept and colors for your

Be inspired

Our Design team is constantly tracking tends and color. On our blog, read our take on things that we have seen and places we have been!