when an
urban rhythm
beats with
a bohemian heart

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Make it your own!

Velvets and fabrics with beautiful weight pictured here on the Fluted armchair; mélange rugs, matt metal with a marble gloss.

The room is a bold mix and match of pattern on pattern and fearless color.

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Stand out pieces give new life to this curatorial corner.

It takes bold imagination to place this mix and match of things. The trick is to start with one statement piece. Hand wrought mirrors, vases and ethnic rugs give character to this staging.

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Sink into sumptuousness.

The bedroom is where you are spending so much time now, you deserve the luxury of lying in!

Mod Wicker styling reinvents the humble rattan weave and transports us simultaneously to Orient and Occident.

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Shop tropical furniture

Increasingly we live in tall concrete and glass skyscrapers. Poised above the city’s urban heights; the home is a microcosm of our working life and the wanderers spirit. There is a need to make a home that is personal amongst the predictable.

An artistic rendition, where the expressive nature of the many versions let us settle into an eclectic ease. Everything is a counterpoint to the brutality of materials and the city. The hand made is celebrated in furniture; fabrics are soft and cocooning. Glint of ancestral warm metals brings in a rootedness. Objects remain narrators of cherished stories from travels, even when we return home.

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