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For The Season
  Visual Merchandiser and perfectionist : I observe and obsess over the small details of every product. The construction, make and orientation of things is what catches my eye every time. For me, beauty lies in perfection!  
Luminous Lamp
LUMINOUS LAMP Freedom Tree's latest range of lamps takes a cue from refined industrial-style living. They have a poise that fits right into the chic aesthetic of a modern Indian home. With names inspired by astronomical instruments and constellations, the...
A Look For Every Table
  Kyoto : Runner in happy sunshine yellow with our classic must-have Kyoto ceramics! Geoglee :  Table Mats in rose and charcoal with Ochre soup bowl and a sprinkling of polka dots!        
Hold me close this Christmas!
Hold me close … keep me warm… lazy days with endless hot-chocolate and snuggles. Are we out of marshmallows already?  Freedom Tree's new range of luxurious woven tweeds is an code to the turn of seasonThe exquisite textures are slubbed...
Color Trend Forecast for 2016 Homes
In India, Colors have always been interwoven with Indian traditions and heritage since time immemorial. From symbolic colors worn, to those for festivals. How does a ‘traditional’ scenario adapt to trendy colors when we talk of a new India, in...