Mohur Ceramics

Happy splashy polka dots pattern remind of the carefree days of childhood when everyday was celebrated. It's time again to pause and play. A reminder of carefree days of childhood, where every day was celebrated. It’s time yet again to pause and play. Even pausing to grab your cup of tea and foxnuts to munch is much needed but seldom made possible. Why is that so? Why do you wait for a special occasion to bring out that exquisite dinnerware, when every day can be one. 

tea set and platter

Hand-painted organic strokes bring our Here Is Now Ceramic Collection to life. It is charming enough for that long-due get together with friends. At the same time, it is all set to make everyday moments memorable. Whether you are a family of two or are a large bunch, our collection takes care of the demands, whims, and ease of everyone.
Be it our cheery snack plates for a movie night with family, our gorgeous hand-painted teapot and the striking nut tray for a perfect soiree, the generous sized Java mug for that sinful hot chocolate on a nippy day - each piece is created with love to serve up joy.


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