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There are people who love summer; others come to life in the bracing chill of winter. The monsoons, a wet grey time, are such a relief and hold a special meaning for us Indians. The rain is rendered in music, art, food and emotions. We must be the only nation that romanticizes the season. More so in the first week of its onslaught.

monsoon season

We all love the monsoons. The dramatic clouds building up, ominous and grey. The tall buildings catching a flash of light and shining pallidly in a brave sliver of sun. Most of all, there is the efflorescence of green. Even before the first drops of rain fall, the vivid transparent green of plant life is pregnant with the promise of new life.

“Slanting silver ropes slammed into loose earth,
ploughing it up like gunfire.”

— The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy


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Freedom Tree joyfully celebrates its Monsoon 2019 Collection - Secret Garden - marking the return of the rains, with its lush greenery and abundant moisture. Savor the discovery of Pockets of Green in the urban environment, the moments where rain and wind rustle through the palms outside your window, and you snuggle in with a warm snack after a day of play. Secret Garden evokes the small spaces of cool and green you might find at the end of a quiet by-lane or create in your home against the background of rainy skies.

cushions & decorative pillows

Secret Garden invites you to create Pockets of Green in your home. Quiet corners where you can retreat and snuggle up with a cherished book, surround yourself with Lush Greenery, and while away the hours contemplating the monsoon skies. The range features over a dozen new Textiles prints and illustrative designs for the bedroom and living room, raw and natural furniture including the explosive Molotov Bar and Sideboard Series. Rainshine is a playful range of handpainted ceramic dinnerware and serverware with freewheeling strokes that evoke a day of playing in the rain. Deliciously colored ceramic desk planters make the perfect addition to your kitchen window or veranda. A miniature forest comes indoors and we live again in an enchanted world!

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As always, the hero of our collection are our Screen Printed Textiles - all designed in our trend studio in Mumbai, and printed locally.  The textural feel of different fabrics and hypnotic illustrations transport you to your Secret Garden in the monsoons, with options for everyone!

upholstery fabric

The lush botanical look features the sensational Panai print, named after the celestial palm in Tamil. Sink into a moss and leaf covered forest floor with our textured tweeds and green prints. To bring an urban and modern touch to a tropical home, look no further than the Salaka print, which is reminiscent of timeless handmade weaves. The Secret Pool print invites you in with cool water lapping gently on this modern design. Liquid graphic forms catch the glint of light.

Secret Garden Cushions

The Rainshine dinnerware collection encapsulates a trend for healthy eating and casual dining. Each piece is hand painted in the colors of life giving rainwaters, and bursts of sunshine. Designed in watery colors of liquid blue, glazed green, delicious mango, lush lime and indigo infusion, the strokes freewheel across the handpainted ceramic line. A happy collection that speaks of family meals and transitions of time;  of growing up and greening, of playtime and plating up.

serveware & platter

Rain and water is also about reflection and mirror images. A quiet internal reflection, a moment of contemplation. It is mesmerizing to stare into ponds and see the mirrored image of a landscape, extending it in more than one dimension. When the sun shines through clouds, light reflects off pools of water, filling the atmosphere with unexpected passing reflections. Secret Garden also features an all new series of Lighting and Mirrors to cut the gloom and reflect light into your indoor sanctuary. Superbly crafted modern industrial lights with touches of nature and fluid whimsy will add an elegant frame to any modern home.

pendant lamp

Monsoon is here with its operatic theater that pours down with glint of grey gunmetal in quick, silvery smooth action. It not only is a visual sensation but assaults the auditory and relentlessly infuses our senses with fragrance. It is time to renew, to explore, and celebrate cozy moments in our homes and in our hearts. Join us in this ode to the Great Indian Season with Secret Garden Monsoon 2019. 


Secret Garden is available in Store and Online now.


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