SEED: Spring-Summer'20 Collection

All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today. 

~ Indian proverb 

A seed is a messenger of the past and holds the promise of tomorrow. We plant this little being in the ground, and from it sprouts a new plant that represents abundance. This Spring, our design team took to this kernel that carries life from nothingness to maturity. These miniature marvels are the canvas of nature’s precision and attention to detail. Our design lens delved within the intricacy of textures, and the complexity of the patterns and present to you—Seed, The Universe Within. 

Our Spring collection champions the architectural outer forms and the inner nurturing environment within a seed. The labyrinth of details and fractal geometry come to life on a surreal scale in prints across the collection. The visual focal point is the Elae Hero Print. A cocoon of infinite possibilities, the cradle of life, recreating a nurturing pod where life comes a full circle, and begins anew. A flourish of amber and hues of green heighten this vigor. The play of pattern borrowed from the monumental exterior and symmetry of the seed appears across this entire collection to create a sense of oneness with nature. 

This season we bring you a range of fabrics that offer the perfect backdrop for your favorite corner or accent cushions to enliven the living area, pieces that reflect mindfully living in form and function. The collection features original prints available in upholstery and curtain fabrics, delightfully patterned, printed and textured cushions, with coordinated bed linen, rugs, decor, and lighting accents. Coordinated woven upholstery and bed linens complement the range with texture, structure, and a warming fullness bursting with possibility. 

The bold use of color reflects the cosmic energy contained inside the pod and will appeal to both yin and yang. The vigor of life is reflected in the greens balanced by neutrals, bright pink and vibrant amber give way to calming sage and tints of pale pink that hint at life beginning anew. 

For the Dining Room, we’ve crafted the hand-painted Elae dinnerware collection, as an ode to nature and the humble keepers of life. The handcrafted range features retro-modern styling with outer patterns and geometry that comes to life in hand-painted motifs on our ceramics. Pair with our Freedom Blue Color Pop collection for the perfect mix-match that suits the rhythm of your home. 

Seed, the rudiment that protects and nurtures life. It is a protector, the sheath that keeps safe within it, gives the potential to live. In these uncertain times, there is a search for what really matters to us. As we value family and community more and more, we look inwards, introspect.

The seed and its life cycle reflect the parallel journey of the urban bohemian in us. In a life that is unpredictable and exciting, we all crave our very own sustenance pod, an environment of rejuvenation, self-care, and growth. We crave uniqueness and self-expression, and this collection inspires you to style your own space with elements inspired by the earth’s own cradle of germination. 

The marvels of nature unravel in our pieces this spring - from the monumental to the intimate - with everything you need to create your own cozy cocoon. We invite all the busy bees who long to lay in the foliage of trees to take a leap of faith with color and pattern this season. Join us as together we prep to sow the ‘Seed’ for better things to come. 

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