Our new range is a love letter to South India!

Our new range is a love letter to South India!
In an age and time when regionalism is being uniquely mined for Identity, at Freedom Tree Design Studio, we take pride in casting our eyes to the fabulous historical kingdoms and outposts of Southern India. With the opening of our store in Bengaluru, this is our love letter to the sun kissed peninsula, our new range – Under the Southern Sun.

Culture inspires Creativity temple

Inspired by the design team’s travel to South India, our new range showcases patterns and colours that reminisce of the coastal towns of Madhurai, Karur, Pollachi, Chettinad and Kochi - vivid colorful facets in every location. Heady southern scents, silks, spices, idols, and woodwork dance and music tradition is imbued with a richness of antiquity which is respected and lived.

A New Color Language

fabrics & accessories

 We identify an amplified, electric, and polychromatic palette, embracing colors and tones new and old. There is a high voltage on both hue and contrast. In the local markets, the popular taste is tempted with surprisingly bright colors and shine subsumed into everyday simplicity. We can’t wait to refresh, renew, and sanctify the home this season, with the familiar, the playful and colorful.

chair & cushions
Under the Southern Sun reveals a New Regionalism, inspired by heritage, where tradition meets trend. Let’s discover something new in the familiar as we update and upgrade our homes for the coming season. See this love letter unfold into accent cushionsrugs, fabrics, and dinnerware collections.

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