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Discover teak wood furniture online

Freedom Tree Design Studio brings you a collection of premium teak wood furniture online for you to experience and shop. Conceptualized by our design team and handcrafted by skilled artisans from India, this among the best teak wood furniture for your home, studio, or office. Order online with ease for a safe delivery to your place.

Explore our designer teak wood furniture

Peruse through our premium teak wood furniture sets to find the right style for every room of the house. If you want to turn your house into a home, it needs sturdy, durable furniture. Our designer teak wood furniture is handcrafted and has something for every taste: be it comfortable dining chairs, to picnic style benches and tables, bar cabinets for evening happy hour, dining tables where feasts can be laid for family and friends and even sideboards to house the dinnerware.

Select from our collection of luxury teak wood furniture online

Whether you opt for our teak wood and marble Marbella dining table with its classic appeal, or you prefer modern furniture and its minimalist design, our luxury teak wood furniture is always comfortable and cutting edge. Our premium teak wood furniture pieces can be mixed and matched for the ambience you seek. Match our Poise Upholstered Bed in solid teak with an upholstered armchair in a similar fabric family

Buy teak wood furniture online in India

For shared meals that last hours and memories that last decades, our teak wood dining room furniture sets the perfect mood. All our teak wood bedroom furniture pieces keep functionality in mind, with craftsmanship and comfort elements that set them apart. Accented by luxurious upholstery or handwoven wicker, make your designer teak wood furniture a joy to behold.

Shop our unique teak wood furniture

By browsing through our teak wood furniture sets and letting our product catalog transport you to designer spaces, you can explore India’s finest range of furniture designs for your contemporary home and office. Shopping online is easy & safe, and our living room furniture items are safely delivered across India for free. With zero hidden costs, all our prices are inclusive of taxes & shipping charges.

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