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Bedroom Furniture for Every Taste
Modern meets primitive in the understated Holle bed and beside series. Handcrafted from Acacia.
New Age Entertaining with Arakta
A vast hand-painted dinner and entertaining range. Pomegranate blooms and mirrored geometry celebrate the coming of spring.
Minty Blue Dining
Fresh and Minty- Brighten your table any time of the year with our Jia Dinner Set.
Summer Whites
It's a whiter, lighter summer.
A Rozier Outlook
Our stunning Damask Rose print, in the oriental toile tradition.
Make It A Bold New Home 
Sumptuous seating on a relaxed family sofa. Ripe for bold upholstery choices.
Midnight Forest - Year End Indulgence

Claim open spaces and indulge in the magical weather outside.

Mirror Garden
Step into the Mirror Garden, where nature and craftsmanship come together. Our Spring collection celebrates the beauty and playfulness of nature with an abundance of light and color. A fresh palette of seasonal colors, pretty narrative prints, and mirrored geometries in textiles. Elevated craftsmanship in carved furniture, decor, and handpainted ceramics. Escape into your magical Mirror Garden, where spring has sprung in all its light and glory. 
Seven Ways to Reimagine Your Living Room Set Up
Re-imagine your living room, move things around, and experience a new room
Mindscape Print Story
Imaginarium Decor
Summer Sheers
Mirroring Mom