The gift that keeps on giving…

As the year comes to a close, we pull our friends, family, and loved ones closer to us. A new beginning, evenings of merry-making, solemn camaraderie, laughter, and joy. Nothing brightens these occasions like the gifts we give to mark these moments. And nothing pre-occupies us more than the search for the perfect memento that conveys all that is left unsaid. 

It’s the search for the gift that keeps giving that inspires us. At home, where we spend most of our lives, a thoughtful addition to the decor or furnishings, can bring an imbue a different feeling to the space immediately. In the weeks, months, and years to come, the memories triggered by the sight of a gifted cushion, or platter, or vase, transports us back to those special times and reminds us of those special relationships. 

At Freedom Tree, we believe in the art of gifting made science by combining beautifully unique handcrafted products, with the relationship you have with that person, and wrapping it all up in a stylish and inviting flourish.

So WHO are you thinking of celebrating this month?

For Bae and Bro:

Here, you can really be yourself. Something fun, quirky, or original always goes a long way. But we’re adults now (most of us anyway), so there’s nothing more appropriate than a gift for the home - whether you’re invited over for dinner, or whether it’s that special anniversary. But think deeper - could your Bro use a mirror to remind them to comb their hair? Do you want to nurture your Bae’s green thumb with a planter? Just a two-person dinnerware set for the bachelor? 

For Bhabi and Biji:

Family can be the toughest to buy for, but also sometimes the gift we rush picking out the most. Let’s give it some thought. Some casual dinnerware or serveware set, with matching table linens, can never miss. For newlyweds or your favorite nephew or niece, perhaps a bedroom set of bright coordinated bedcovers, cushions, and a quilt? Most aunties we know, wouldn’t turn down a beautifully printed cushion or a stylish tabletop decor accent. 


For the Boss:

Actually, this is definitely the trickiest one. How not to go overboard, what’s an appropriate gift? Everyone has a different relationship with their boss, but here it’s best to try and blend traditional with some casual flair. A formal serving set and table linens always make a thoughtful gift - but remember to think about their living space (if you’ve been) and the size of their family (if you know!) when making your choices. Or anything for the living and dining areas, really. The bottom line is to stand out and show you care, but keep it simple. 

First impressions matter!

Don’t forget that one of the most important things is the way the gift is first presented. Make sure it’s gift-wrapped or gift box with a personal note. Freedom Tree’s got you covered with all. You can check out our gifting accessories to help you make the perfect impression.


We’re also so excited to announce that our entire site is giftable (except furniture, fabrics, and lighting). Before adding any product to the cart on our website, you can select that it’s a gift and even add a personalized note!

Still not sure where to start? You can also shop our curated gift options by Online Room, or by Price. We also offer Corporate, Bulk and Custom Gifting Services. Ask us for help. Call or Email us, or visit us in-store to get expert-curated advice.