The Perfect Side Kick - Side table designs we love

Nupur Malhotra- August 20th, 2020

The Perfect Side Kick 

Side Table designs for the Bedroom 

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, an oasis, a getaway, where you work, unwind, do yoga, or just spend time doing nothing. To keep it simple and uncluttered, there’s nothing like a side table or console to keep things organized and enhance your decor. Choose the side companion to your bed keeping in mind the requirement and bed style. Your master bedroom may require a side table with drawers to stash essentials whilst a guest room may only do with one side table as the use is sparse.

Pro Tip: Use a low bench or console unit in a guest room to give your guests a place to open their luggage or layout their essentials.

Whether you need to store away your essentials or need the perfect platform for your night lamp, our nightstands are designed to impress. Complete with storage options, built-in drawers, and premium finishing, these sidekicks... errr …. Side tables are the perfect accessories for your bedroom.
Let us help you pick our favorite nightstands to rest all of your bedtime essentials, your water jug to your favorite book.

Do I need one?
The nightstand is often used to support items that might be useful during the night, like a table lamp, alarm clock, reading matter, cell phone. You and your partner could each have one for your own essentials. You may not need one on both sides but something to rest the essentials is nice and adds to the room’s decor.

Where do I place it?
Ideally, your nightstand will be around your Bed so that you can easily access it. You may also choose to place it on the side or along the wall if space is a constraint. Additionally, a chest to put the quilts out of sight, or stack extra pillows is a thoughtful addition.

How do I pick the style?
Many modern homes today feature an eclectic mix of styles and finishes mixed comfortably together. The bold can choose a nightstand that has a completely different style from the bed. For example, if you have a modern bed, try a rustic nightstand or dresser to add character to the room.

For centuries, craftsmen in India(?) have hand set bone and shell inlay, to decorate surfaces, giving it an instant luxurious sheen. Lend color and an eclectic vibe to the room with our colored inlay bedside tables. These tables function as independent storage and a visual focal point anywhere in the living room, bedroom, or study room. 

Taram Inlay Table

With three drawers and modern abstract inlay work, the Taram Bedside Table  is exactly what your bedroom is missing. You can't go wrong with a handcrafted and spacious table, and this midcentury modern design.

Hokei Bedside Table

Perfect squares move in and out along the facade in this contemporary piece. A testimonial to Japanese love for the square form, it is a nod to Asian minimalism. The smoky blue is urban and handsome. Drawers glide silently on channels. The silence of the squares. A modern, minimal bedside table for all your bedtime necessities.

Acacia Table
Koa Table

The Acacia wood planks are apart yet seamlessly interwoven in this wood and metal medley. The organic shape and texture resting on a metal frame, it is a treat for your inner minimalist. Pair this piece with a contemporary bed and storage pieces from the same collection for a chic modern bedroom. 

Nara Side table
Nara bed

The Nara range - designed with straight-edged teak, brings home a tropical vibe. The bedside table is finished with a sophisticated yet bold polish. Set up an airy tropical vibe in your room with the Nara Bed and a charming chair to complete the set. 

Wicker Bed
Wicker Series

Memories of childhood are inextricably woven into this. It was the furniture style at our home, and many a home, in the sixties. Its airy spirit embodied the spirit of the times. Open and flexible, it steps easily into this century with its natural and crafted hand-woven wicker. The timeless charm of the wicker weaves makes this collection an investment piece. 


The foot of the bed is an ideal spot for a statement piece that brings signature style to a bedroom. Bed height and the total size of the space are crucial in deciding the function of what goes at the foot of the bed. A storage ottoman or bench at the foot of the bed gives a place to sit and an anchor to place your things when you are in a haste to retreat.
Top tip: leave a couple of throws or extra cushions for movie night or if it gets extra cold at night.