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Pride. Variance. Love.

It is the Summer of Love, and we’re marking Pride Month this year with a very special collaboration with Tweet Foundation, a leading organization looking to build an empowered, self-sufficient, and vibrant Trans movement in India.
With great joy and pride, we’re celebrating variance, love, and a Freedom of expression as we stand in solidarity with LGBTQIA+ inclusion and community in India and worldwide during the month of June.   

Want to brush up on the basic of Pride and LGBTQ+ terminology? Check out our FAQs below.  

As mavericks that chase sparkling thoughts, friendships, and possibilities, we had the chance to connect with the team at Tweet Foundation and learn more about their inspiring work providing holistic services and support for the often marginalized Trans community: supporting education, mental health support, legal standing, and culture and social upliftment.   


We were welcomed by Abhina Aher, Co-chair of Tweet Foundation who invited us to learn and collaborate at their shelter home in Goregaon, Mumbai. Nikita, the Senior Program Head at the shelter home, helped us navigate through this space and introduced us to a group of exceptional, proud, and creative individuals.   

As we stepped into their space, we relearned the importance of “Safe spaces”. What it meant to not be othered, what it meant to express without judgment and what it meant to accept and embrace diversity with tools of self-awareness and compassion. With, and around people that encourage oneself to speak their truth, the “safe space” lends itself to a celebration of Freedom of Expression and Being in us all.   

The shelter is home to many stories, aspirations, and talents. We were privileged to witness the lived experience of diversity and inclusion represented in the LGBTQIA+ flag. Through our interactions, we shared and learned what was important to us and why. We communed with each other and the values that we wished to uphold with our creative collaboration.  


We were welcomed with so much love and openness, and PRIDE into their space, and we feel honored to be able to relate the inspiring stories and energetic personalities of the individuals we met. Sharing, learning, and storytelling became the core of our interactions, and we couldn’t help bust out the camera for a fun-filled day of posing, expression, and free-spirited abandon.
From makeup artists to bankers, actors to drag performers, at Tweet we saw a community that thrives together and prides itself together.   

Nikita – they/them 

“Hi. My Name’s Nikita. I’m trans nonbinary, my pronouns are they/them. I’ve worked in education for the majority of my career, but once I started exploring my sexuality and gender, there was no turning back. I knew I wanted to work with the trans community in education, so I joined Tweet. My work here has been more fulfilling than anything before. Whether it is the skilling classes with people from all over India, or just chilling with the residents of Garima Greh (the shelter home), at the end of every day, as exhausting as it is, I rest well knowing I am working for my own.

I am happiest when I am affirmed in my gender, that comes from someone simply using my pronouns accurately, or in seeing others breaking through gender stereotypes and being free. Freedom to me means allowing myself to be whoever I want to be and I am one of few who have a safe space to do so. I believe that we’ll see the day that everyone has this freedom, and I will always fight for it.” 

Ashu – she/her

Hometown : Mumbai
Currently thriving as : Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and Accountant at The Humsafar Trust.
Dream job : Actress and Model.    

“As a Trans individual I haven’t feared or hidden from myself or anyone else. I take pride in that. The way parents take pride in their children, I take pride in my parents for they accepted me and continue to learn with me. That’s Pride for me’’    

Bhaskar – he/him 

Hometown: Gorakhpur, U.P
Currently thriving as : Jhanki artist
Dream: Making it big in the film industry   

“I am an engineer by qualification, but that wasn’t my calling. I have found freedom in expression with my art. Freedom to me is to accept myself for the way I was born and be able to live the way I want to live. I am happiest when people around me understand that and encourage me to pursue my talents ‘’   

Monti – he/she/they 

Hometown : Mumbai
Current thriving as : Intern at Mahindra Logistics and drag performer
Dream job : Excelling as a professional makeup artist.  
“My safe space is my community that accept me and love me without bias. A message to our allies is that as much as we appreciate your support on social media, support us in real life too. “  

Sagar – he/him 

Hometown : Mumbai
Currently thriving as : A student of academics, other varied subjects and life!
Dream job : Nurse or a Fashion Designer

“I love to experiment and explore different expressions through my clothes and make up. I am happiest when people accept and engage with my type of personality “    


This June, we’re celebrating PRIDE by sharing the stories and supporting the work at Tweet Foundation. You can also contribute to this worthy organization and the causes they support. Shop our special “Summer of Love Sale" and we will donate 20% to Tweet Foundation to support their amazing work and community. We have curated a special array of summery products – from dresses to dinnnerware – many at special discounted pricing.  

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 You can also visit the Tweet Foundation website directly to learn more about their work, and contribute directly to the cause.  


Practicing Psychologist 

Deepa Kudva Kamath

Founder & CEO Branding Agency Amplify Digital 


Textile & Print Designer @ Freedom Tree 


Founder & CEO,
Cuddles Foundation


Corporate Lawyer, New Mom

Sneh Lata

Grandmother, M.A., Athethe


Creative Director, Elle Decor

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The month of June is celebrated worldwide as the LGBTQIA+ PRIDE month. There are many ways you can learn more and support the community by attending local events, donating to local organizations, or simply understanding more about the complexities and challenges the community faces. Here's some resources that will help you get more informed, more active, and involved in all that’s going on this month:  

>> Read our basic FaQ and explainer on Pride and LGBTQIA+ awareness below  

>> Check out some key events and happenings in Indian cities this month  

>> Discover and support local organizations doing amazing work