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Designer Fabric for Curtains, Sofa & Chairs

For your home furnishing needs and for your home fabrics, our handmade printed & woven designer textiles will always delight. Crafted & Made in India, our illustrated designs, prints & techniques make an unforgettable impact on upholstery fabrics, cotton fabrics and sheer fabrics. Available now as pre-stitched cotton curtains and sheer curtains to give your home that ever-fresh look. Also, these designer fabrics are ideal for the upholstery of your sofa or chair as well.

A Perfect Place for Online Fabric Shopping in India

Our team of designers has created a wide range of relaxing yet modern Home Furnishing Fabrics inspired by an urban lifestyle, patterns, nature, and culture. Interpreted with bold and unconventional graphics and color to infuse any modern home or space with an extra-free and joyous spirit, these textiles make your home smile. Shop from our exclusive Online Fabric Store in India and choose from a wide range of upholstery fabrics, cotton textiles, and summer sheers. The fabric collection is based on design concepts that echo the spirit of the seasons, are inspired by walks through utopian topographies or inspired by the cultural marvels of the country. The wide range of Home Furnishing Fabric includes an array of woven cotton and tweeds, cotton duck, hand-spun cotton, handloom, voile and cotton viscose. Decorate your home with a refreshing collection of handpicked fabrics for curtains, sofas, chairs and more from our fabric online shopping store.

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