Storybook beginnings

Just as a bright new year brings new beginnings, it also offers the opportunity to reflect on our past. At Freedom Tree, we’re continually inspired by the charm of yesteryear and the rituals that connect us with friends and family. Looking back at these traditions with fondness, we carry them with us as we grow, building upon them, and partaking in their joy with the ones we love.

Our collections build upon enchanting childhood rituals to spark a sense of nostalgia and warmth. Looking backward to look forward allows us to build upon the emotions and memories that make us feel our best. In doing so, we’ve captured the essence of the familiar to build collections of comfort; designs that bring our signature Freedom Tree twist to retro materials, prints, and colors to create modern products for the contemporary home. These are pieces for living - those that make a house a home. 

Our homes are an extension of who we are, a special place we hold close to our hearts. Our story begins at home, so come on in. 

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Inviting Textures 

Here you’ll find textures that are as timeless as they are trendy. Old school cool is back with tweeds that have the look of homespun classics with urban color twists. Wonderfully warm and cozy, they’re this season’s star fabric reinvented for a fresh new decade. 

From snuggling under tweed throws on our grandparents’ beds to curling up on tweed sofas for movie nights with the family, tweed is a richly woven story that holds memories of all things fuzzy and full of heart. 

Akin to wearing a cozy sweater on a rainy day, it’s comforting and durable, a fabric that’s stood the test of time.

With a slightly slubbed effect that’s inherently inviting, our revival collection of tweeds is designed to invoke the sweet nostalgia of our childhood home in a way that’s brighter and bolder than ever. Woven with various colors and textures to tell their tales, they carry its inherently chic look forward and bring an eclectic edge to any sofa, cushion, or throw.

Laidback Comfort

The spells wicker weaves stir us for years to come. We remember the furtive energy and joy of exploring our grandparent’s home during the summer holidays - finding surprising corners for our imagined adventures, discovering the china cabinet we were forbidden to open, and running our hand over the rattan weaves nearly ubiquitous in mid-century homes.  

From the wicker rocking chair grandpa would tell stories in, to the table in the verandah where we would gather for cards, wicker takes us back an era to relive happy times spent in happy places. Drawing upon the essence of this weave, we’ve reimagined the fabrication for contemporary living and given it a new reputation as a stylish staple.

Our refreshingly creative wicker pieces offer laidback comfort you can enjoy in different ways everyday. Crafted from a timeless combination of teak wood and hand-woven rattan, our sideboards, end tables, cabinets, chairs, and beds feature mod styling and clean lines for a contemporary twist on mid-century style.

While our wicker and teak Spine chair lends a current artisanal touch to any table, our wicker study table and chair make the perfect comeback set for a modern home office. One of our favorites, though, is the wicker bar cabinet - a decidedly sixties silhouette that slides open to house all the essentials and is sure to be enjoyed for years to come. 

Handmade With Love

There's nothing like the sweet-smelling aroma of freshly baked cakes and teatime treats to rouse the memories of baking with mum. Recalling treasured family recipes, listening to the radio while stirring and sifting, sneaking spoonfuls of batter before popping it in in the oven, and impatiently waiting for the timer to ring when it's done. 

Inspire a new generation of bakers with our bakeware and kitchen linens that reflect the same homey feel as your culinary creations. Featuring classic shapes adorned with boldly painted patterns and dual-colored finishes, our easy-to-mix ceramics are perfect for serving up something sweet for your loved ones.

Pair them with our joyfully patterned oven mitts, pot holders, and aprons to lend the spirit of optimism to the entire occasion. Covered in an assortment of candy-colored stripes, bright botanicals, and our signature 10-year patchwork print, these essentials will keep your countertops, hands, and clothes safe and smudge-free!

For a punchy take on a retro look, our ceramic Senhur series is decorated with citrus forms and expressive painterly strokes. Freedom Blue, on the other hand, with its speckled cerulean finish, is designed to soothe the mind and calm the soul. Whether you’re serving up tarts, pies, or warm brownies to share, let these well-crafted tools find a place at your table and inspire the togetherness we cherish the most.

Time for Tea

The clattering of plates and cups as they’re laid out on the kitchen or garden table has always been a much-anticipated affair. These afternoons filled with biscuits and scones, endless pourings of tea, and tales of grandma’s globe-trotting adventures were a delightful tradition that brightened each day.

Recreate these moments to savor with tea sets and linens that spark fantasy and imagination. Inspired by an enchanting world of forests and trees, our Wonderland tea set features charming hand-painted botanicals that turn everyday affairs into special occasions. Meanwhile, our Joyee tea set accented with colorful stripes and rainbow flowers can coordinate with matching mugs, plates, and jugs splashed with different playful patterns.

From our Elae breakfast plates to our Semanae trinket dishes, you can wonderfully mix and match tableware from different collections to create your own whimsical theme. Pair these with vibrant table linens that tell a narrative - like our lush Para Para table cover, mats, and napkins, or earthy collections that can be layered together, like our Palash table runner with our Hill Side mats and Fresh Earth napkins.

As the cool climate still prevails, set your table on a terrace or under a blossoming tree, gather an assortment of tableware and linens, arrange some hand-picked posies in artisanal pitchers, and let the joy of this familial ritual transport you to a state of warmth and bliss.  

Homegrown Happiness 

The addition of cheerful flowers on the table has always made teatime traditions that much more special. And where better to pick them than grandad’s garden - the fantasy world of any child's imagination! Our fondness for botanicals - especially those that fuel our imagination - has spurred many spontaneous adventures amongst the sweet-smelling jasmines and thick, woody rose bushes.  

Our planters bring back the memories of these encounters and introduce a profusion of beauty and life into the home. From learning the rudiments of gardening from grandad to watching our first seeds bloom, the simple pleasures of growing our own greenery can make us feel connected to each other and the earth.

For plant lovers of all kinds, we’ve built an eclectic collection of glazed ceramic planters, perfect for creating your own botanical garden. Whether indoors or outdoors, our glazed ceramic planters embrace this simplicity and comfort with muted colors and artisanal finishes. Coming in an array of sizes for houseplants, botanicals, and herbs, they seamlessly transition from a classic outdoor container to a decorative indoor statement.

If you veer towards a more playful aesthetic, our animal planters add a sculptural and colorful touch to bookshelves or cozy reading nooks. Shaped as various fantastic creatures and crafted from metal and recycled materials, they exude an exuberant energy and childlike wonder reminiscent of the best days spent outdoors.