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Gifts for Him

For the men in your life. Freedom Tree gifts are ideal for Father's Day, Housewarmings, a special Anniversary or Birthday, or even an Engagement or Wedding Gift. Could your bro use a mirror to remind him to comb his hair, would you delight dad with an old-school rocking chair, a two-person dinnerware set for the bachelor, a shirt or two for the special someone, or planters and bakeware for the hobbyist.

Gifts for him- a universal love language

Gifting is an artform. A well thought out gift shows the person how well you know them and that they are special to you. All our freedom tree designs are made with such care and attention to detail that they make the ideal gift for that special man in your life- father, brother, partner, work associate or friend. Be it a birthday gift, housewarming, festive gift or just a gesture to let someone know they are important to you, at we have gifts and gift wrapping paper for every aesthetic and need.

Craft a gift box for him

Gifting accessories can range from our Ribbed beer mug in Sepia, to our festive coasters and trivets set, or even our electrified pen stand. You could even combine various items with a coherent color scheme or mood board and craft your own gift box for a friend’s housewarming! Our printed gift wrapping papers come in multifarious hues and prints, with only the best quality paper. Match the color to the mood of the gift. Get in touch with us for your corporate gifting needs as well.

Shop gifting items online at

Gifts for her are now at your fingertips. Any item on our website can be a wonderful gift, even if it's not in the gifting section. Just click on the gift wrap option and Viola!

We know it can be a challenge to pick out something that’s just right and we have got you covered! Browse our Freedom Tree catalog for designer, handcrafted and unique gifts for all occasions. For your business associate friend who loves a nightcap- try our stemless blue drinking glasses. For your grandfather with a green thumb- abstract water herb planters for his kitchen garden. For your favorite nephew - patchwork apron in black and white. We have so many options, and so many gifting opportunities!

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