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From Garden to Glass
We are teaming up with our friends at Olive on a special cocktail menu, inspired by our new Plant Family Collection. From Garden to Glass, each cocktail captures nature’s artistry, infused with a touch of whimsy, and a heady measure of delight.
New Store, Same feeling, Visit at Indiranagar, Bengaluru
Freedom Tree’s new Indiranagar Bengaluru’s architectural new store leans even more into “warmth and color”. Freedom Tree has transplanted its Indiranagar location to another space, just three streets away. As always, we redesigned the interior to respect the architecture.
Creator's Lounge at SAF
The overall space was an elevated platform. To seat about 50 to 60 people. The space was layered in seating heights, from front to back. Floor cushions to lounging sofas, upright chairs ending with two long community tables for raucous back benchers.
Scent and Sensibility
Fragrance is a sense that can evoke a memory, a moment. We know you love the fresh colors and deft design at Freedom Tree! Let me share with you another, even more, sensorial experience, with fragrance.
Serendipity Arts Festival
Freedom Tree is partnering with SAF on some special spaces for creators and dreamers during the Festival. We present, Artistease - an artistic and sensory experience of space and design. An ode to the creator, the moment of artistic conception.
Now in Sadashiv Nagar, Bangalore

In the Heart of Old ‘Luru, A design gallery that is a nod to modernity.

Proud- Pride. Variance. Love.
It is the Summer of Love, and we’re marking Pride Month this year with a very special collaboration with Tweet Foundation, a leading organization looking to build an empowered, self-sufficient, and vibrant Trans movement in India.
Sustainable Craft
From the very beginning, Freedom Tree has been about celebrating a modern Indian aesthetic while showcasing the skills and materials that our country’s rich handicraft traditions have to offer.
Responsible Design
At Freedom Tree, we stand for design that is striking, unpretentious, enduring, and responsible. For us, being environmentally sustainable starts with making the right design choices, examining the whole production process, and understanding the lifecycle of a product. 
Fiercely Feminine Womenswear
A fiercely feminine range of prints and silhouettes that make you feel at home wherever life takes you.
Now in Hyderabad
We absorb the spirit of the city as we bring our bold and relaxed style of living to each unique place.
A year in review 
We're (still) Social Distancing
Pehlay Akshar X Freedom Tree
Freedom Tree X Circulation Mission