WALL ACCENTS Archi Parbat Reclaimed Wood Wall Decor Panel
WALL ACCENTS Archi Parbat Reclaimed Wood Wall Decor Panel

Archi Parbat Reclaimed Wood Wall Decor Panel

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Discover beautifully carved architectural remnants to decorate your walls! Handmade from solid teakwood, this early industrial mold was once a casting for an ornate headboard or chair back. From furniture to the wall, the Archi Adalaj cast makes an intriguing statement, whether hung as a single statement or assembled in a stunning installation with other castings. From the heartland to your home, upcycle these treasures into a statement that’s uniquely yours.

Our repurposed wall hangings are unique pieces, so you’ll never find two of the same. Read more about how to bring Freedom Finds home here, or contact your closest store for more finds.

Discover our Freedom Finds! Each piece is utterly unique, reclaimed and recycled.

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  • Size: 0.7 M X 0.5 M X 6 CM
  • Size Conversion: 26 X 20.5 X 2.5 IN
  • Material: RECLAIMED WOOD
  • Color: NATURAL
  • Origin: Reclaimed and Upcycled
  • With Backlight:: Yes
  • Care Instructions:

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