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Match in your own style with our designer window curtains, made with printed sheer voile or printed/woven cotton. Designed by our in-house color design studio & made in India to bring joy to your space. Bring those windows to life with our curtains and brighten up your home with a splash of color. Order designer window curtains online for your home, studio, or office.

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Explore Window Curtains for Your Home at Freedom Tree

Welcome to Freedom Tree's exquisite collection of window curtains, where every piece tells a unique story and brings a touch of Mumbai's vibrant culture and surrounding nature into your living spaces.

Marine Drive Window Curtain Collection

Embrace the charm of Mumbai with our Marine Drive collection. Crafted from high-quality cotton, these curtains not only adorn your windows but also reflect the dynamic spirit of the city. Ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, these curtains are perfect for adding a touch of urban elegance to your home.

Sabar Palm Window Curtain Collection

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature with our Sabar Palm collection. Made from breathable cotton voile, these curtains capture the essence of the surrounding flora. Whether for bedroom or living room windows, these curtains bring the serenity of nature into your home, creating a soothing and inviting atmosphere.

Waymore Window Curtain Collection

Explore the intriguing intersections of real paths and virtual connections with our Waymore collection. These long curtains for windows are not just a visual delight but also a testament to the ever-evolving modern lifestyle. Perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of your living spaces, Waymore curtains seamlessly blend contemporary design with timeless elegance.

Chasing Monsoon Window Curtains for Bedroom and Living Room

Let the magic of monsoon and clouds inspire your interior decor with our Chasing Monsoon collection. These white curtains for windows evoke the calm and refreshing feel of a rainy day. Ideal for bedroom windows, these curtains create a cozy and comforting ambiance, bringing the outdoors in.

Choose from our curated selection of curtains for small windows or indulge in the airy beauty of sheer curtains for windows. Freedom Tree offers a variety of cotton curtains for windows, ensuring you find the perfect complement for your unique style.

Explore the artistry of our collections and transform your living spaces with the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Elevate your home with Freedom Tree's window curtains – where each piece is not just a window covering but a story waiting to be told.

Types of Window Curtains

1. Pleated Curtains:

Elegant and classic, pleated curtains add a refined touch to any room.

Perfect for formal living rooms or bedrooms, they offer a structured and tailored look.

2. Grommet Curtains:

Contemporary and easy to slide, grommet curtains are great for a modern aesthetic. Ideal for both living spaces and bedrooms, they provide a sleek and effortless appearance.

3. Rod Pocket Curtains:

Timeless and versatile, rod pocket curtains offer a traditional look.

Well-suited for a cozy atmosphere in bedrooms, they are easy to install and maintain.

4. Sheer Curtains:

Light and airy, sheer curtains add a touch of elegance and allow natural light to filter through. Perfect for living rooms and small windows, they create a bright and open ambiance.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Window Curtains

Measurements Matter:

Take precise measurements of your windows to ensure your curtains fit perfectly. Consider the desired curtain length and whether you want them to touch the floor or hover above it.

Consider the Room's Purpose: 

Choose curtains that align with the functionality of the room.

Lighter fabrics work well in living spaces, while heavier curtains are suitable for bedrooms.

Coordinate with Decor:

Select curtains that complement the existing color scheme and decor style of the room. Patterns and textures can add visual interest without overwhelming the space.

Think About Maintenance: 

Consider the level of maintenance you're comfortable with.

Some fabrics may require more care than others; choose accordingly based on your lifestyle.

Experiment with Layers: 

Combine sheer curtains with heavier drapes for a versatile and stylish window treatment. Layering provides flexibility in controlling light and privacy.

FAQs Regarding Buying Window Curtains

Q1: What's the ideal length for curtains?

The length of your curtains depends on personal preference. Floor-length curtains create a classic look, while those hovering just above the floor offer a more contemporary feel.

Q2: How do I choose between blackout and sheer curtains?

Consider the room's purpose. Bedrooms benefit from blackout curtains for better sleep, while sheer curtains are great for living rooms, creating a light and airy atmosphere.

Q3: Can I mix different curtain types in one room?

Absolutely! Mixing curtain types, such as sheer and blackout curtains, can add depth and functionality to a room.

Q4: Are custom curtains worth it?

Custom curtains ensure a perfect fit and allow you to choose the fabric, style, and length tailored to your preferences. They can be a worthwhile investment for a polished look. Freedom Tree allows you to choose a curtain size according to your need and requirement.

Q5: How do I care for my curtains?

Check the care instructions for your specific fabric. Most curtains can be machine-washed or dry-cleaned, but delicate fabrics may require more gentle care.

Explore Freedom Tree's diverse collection of window curtains, and with these tips in mind, enhance your living spaces with the perfect blend of style and functionality.